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270 wsm

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Default 270 wsm

hey guys im lookin for a new deer rifle. im thinking of gettin a tikka t3 stainless in 270 wsm. would this be a good choice. if not what other models are good. whats the wsm kick like, is it comparable to a regular 270. any comments about the cartridge and gun are wanted. Thanks
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Default RE: 270 wsm

I got this gun on a trade last year and shot it a little bit - before giving it to my brother in law. It is a real sweetheart. Recoil isn't bad - maybe a little more than a regular .270, but not quite as much as 7 Rem Mag (subjective). Great trigger for a stock gun. Shot 5/8" with Sierra 150 grain SBT's and RL22.
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Default RE: 270 wsm

Well I just came back from the range this morning and was shooting my 270 WSM. Testing some more loads before the season and as Roskoe mentioned the recoil isn’t as bad as the 7 MM rem. mag although the 7 mm Rem. Mag is very manageable. The Tikka rifles are suppose to be very accurate rifles from what everyone else is saying. Never tested one myself. I have no regrets so far with my 270 WSM but this will be the first year I’ll be using it for hunting. Good luck in your choice.
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Default RE: 270 wsm

the recoils not much more than a regular 270..
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Default RE: 270 wsm

I have one in a browning a-bolt it seems to shoot well. my brother has one in a savage 116fss and he loves it .sooooo good luck have fun
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Default RE: 270 wsm

Any of the 270 caliber guns are a top notch pick for deer. I just bought a new 270 Win. While the 270 WSM is a fine caliber, I decided to go with the old standby.
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Default RE: 270 wsm

A buddy of mine just took a Canadian Bull Moose with his Tikka T3 stainless in 270 WSM (2 shots and it was down). He bought the rifle because he had surgery earlier in September and wanted to avoid the kick of his 300 Weatherby.

He absolutely loves it and its very accurate out of the box. Hewas using Winchester 140 grain failsafes (Winchester Ammo).

Tikka's are very good rifles, enjoy the rifle you made a good choice.

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Default RE: 270 wsm

Kinda funny you mentioned the failsafe loads. Winchester rates the 140 grain failsafe 270 wsm as CXP3 rating meaning it is good enough for game up to elk. Very cool if you ask me! EJ
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Default RE: 270 wsm

I have bought 3 t-3's and am very happy with them. They are the best deal out there under $1000
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Default RE: 270 wsm

This is the second year for my 270wsm last year drooped a nice big bodied deer at 180 yards with Rem cor loc 130 grain this year drew combo elk deer combotags in Montana I will be shooting winchestersupreme elite xp3 150 grain Have shot two boxes at the range great grouping. also drawed X1 zone in Nor Cal and there are some real big mule deer starts Oct 8th have more on the 270wsm then
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