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Price seems to always be an issue!!

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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

Funny thing about the weatherby Mark V. Like a very, very pretty woman who just turns out to be a U&^I&^%&^!!. You eyeball her everyday, dream about her at night, fondle her when you can and she turns out to be a spoileed ^%^&%*&!. That was my experience with the markV in 7mm WM!! Man what an expensive date. She had to have "only the best and most expensive ammo" also was always too hot to hang in my group. First base -no problem, 2nd base maybe...3rd base FORGET IT!!!! Now I know some of you out there hold Roy's creation near and dear....but I'm four sheets to the wind and glad she's gone. It finally became a "damage control" plan when I let her go. I just had to stop the bleeding. Plus, I work wayy too much to handload and she had an expensive habit. I paid $795 for her and sold her gratefully for 400.00...all in all, I prolly blew about 12-1300 on her just trying to win her over at the range. How can you trust a gun you can only get one good shot out of??? SHe just wasnt for me.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

Cause there is nothing like getting a good deal or the most bang for your buck. I mean who wants to be a smuck and buy a 2000 shotgun that a 250 could do.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

I'm the same. I don't see spending the money if you don't have to. Sure I would like to have a nice browning or something simular that has real pretty finnish. But it is not a priority with me. I need a gun that will function well and I can afford and won't be afraid to use. I almost bought a browning shotgun once, but decided it was just to pretty to take into the woods. I ended up gettin a mossberg for half the money and it worked fine.

However I would agree that you don't go so cheap it bites you in the but. Like getting a High Point pistol or something for defense. Probably not the best route in that situation.

On the other hand I paid around 700 bucks for my bow, and then hundreds more setting it up? I guess I just like archery better? Of course the bow I wanted was around a $1,000 or more.

I have always wanted an AR 15, but could just never justify the price when I could get a H&R in .223 for around 200 bucks. And I have not even got one of those yet.

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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

I have no reason to save for a $2000 rifle when I'll shoot just as well with a $250 rifle. Mediocre

If I had a $1000+ gun, I would be so concerned about scratching it that I wouldn't be paying enough attention to the woods.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

It may be that people's wives have something to do with this reluctance to lay down the green for a better fire iron. Additionally, it may just be a matter that people just have more limited budgets. A gun that costs me $1,000 at my income level may be said to cost $10,000 (adjusted to my income level) for someone who makes half as much money as I do. I say half as much money because the money available for buying guns comes out of the "disposable income" money stream -- what is left over after you pay your mortgage, your credit cardbill, your utilities, your car loan, child support payments, alimony, and other stuff. Some people are fully obligated on their paychecks.

I agree generally with the desirability of paying for quality on items like guns and scopes. But I also understand some people just don't have the money -- end of story.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

why does price make a difference.....????? oh yeah that's right i'm only sixteen!!! $2000 is a bunch of money for me. that's almost what i paid for my truck. even though i only paid $450 for my last gun it was exactly what i wanted. there's nothing wrong with shopping around to find the lowest price. just because you you don't spend a crapload of money on a gun doesn't mean you don't get whatyou want. personally i don't know what i would do with a $2000 gun. it would probably sit there right now since i would be afraid to mess it up. i would rather has a few i guess they would be lesser quality guns since they were less than $500 than one really expensive gun. i have yet to be disappointed with my "cheap" guns.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

I have paid $2000 for an overunder. It accounted for the best upland game season I have had in a life of hunting from 1968-2004. Last year upon getting this incredibly balance belgian made piece of art (yes its pretty) I killed every pheasant I shot at last year. Coincindence? I don't think so. The gun fits me, its of heirloom quality (to me) its not being made today and it flat out points. Had I have known what I was missing years ago, I would have saved my $$$$ for this gun by not trial and erroring about 20 low budget and second hand wannabe shotguns. I worked hard in my life to finally (not only find) be able to afford this gun. And, yes! there is a huge difference. Even between it and the current line-up of $$$comparable berettas and the like. The gun's got personality and flat out gives me my $$$$ worth. I have been the struggling working man and the contention that the only good guns are VALUE guns is absolute CRAP. Save your money in a lil piggy bank for every beer you gulp feeling sorry for yourself because you will never know what a real value is. Sure, go ahead and enjoy and shoot what you can currently afford (as I did for years) the enjoyment for me is the same whether or not I'm shooting a $50.00 gun or a 10,000 dollar gun-but, don't fault me for working my a%%^% off to afford the best. Also, I just sprung for a Kimber 84m 7mm-08 and it is a gem. Truley a cut above all production guns out there right now (and Ive had em all) and better than even some custom guns and a great value$$$ for $815.00 Until you have worked for and utilized an exceptional gun you will never know what your missing. That is where I was until last year. And if you are worried about scarring or nicking it up you prolly shouldnt get one. I don't really treat these guns any different than I did the $50.00 ones. I'm a hunter, and I'm not anal either-these guns are used and abused. But life is short and at some point you need to realize that.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

Good dependable guns don't have to be expensive. Its not a matter of affording better guns. Snob appeal costs money big time. Good guns can be had for very reasonable costs.
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

I have a crap load of guns...funny thing is...a whopping 3 of them were bought new. The rest were bought used or traded for. I just feel that if I can spend 400 and get something that completely satisfies me..Im that far ahead. Theres some bigtime bargains to be had in the used gun market if you are a savvy shopper or just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

I just dont like to spend a ton on my hunting stuff although there NOTHING I would rather do than hunt. Even my bow came off of ebay...1 year old hardly used and less than a 1/3 the price of a new one. Some of my hunting clothes are 15 years old...but they are still warm fit well and do the job. Bought my summit tree stand from a feller that bought it and never had time to use it for less than half of new cost. The list goes on...I am ALWAYS looking for bargains and deals. It makes sense and its downright fun! The less I spend on gear...the more I can spend on my trips.

Being a horsetrader is FUN!
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Default RE: Price seems to always be an issue!!

I used to be the same as DoeDumper, only had 2-3 new guns in my life...and even eventually traded them off. Always buying or looking for used bargains. Without getting wordy. I have changed. I will NEVER buy a used gun again, period. You just don't ever really know exactly what your getting. The only used Gun i would still buy are shotguns. In fact, I would never buy a shotgun new. But rifles are a different story. Not saying you can't find a good one used, I just havent had much luck. The only used rifle that I ever bought that was a keeperturned out to be a Win mod 70 338WM classic sporter. All the rest were junk, or someone elses problem.
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Quick Reply: Price seems to always be an issue!!

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