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Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

Taz. . .as noted here ADL=no floor plate. . .I have one in a .270. I think the triggers are crap but that can be delt with. It is a good shooter, I will have it for many years to come but as I have collect others it will spend more time in the safe. A good working gun that won't make you cry when you scratch it.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

A good working gun that won't make you cry when you scratch it.
That is what I want, all my other guns are like that. I want a gun to be reliable, durable and accurate, I try not to get any stratchs on them, but if it does get a ding I don't lose sleep over it. I wouldn't want to own a gun that I would be scared to take afield because I might put a ding in it!

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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

IMO, the ADL is (was) one of the real bargains of the bolt-action world. They tend to be more accurate, out of the box, than the BDL or CDL....because the stock is stiffer in the action area (without the big hole for the floorplate)....and the action is naturally bedded better in the ADL. I've owned three of them....and all have been great rifles. I recently had two ADL synthetics, both in .308....and both would group 1 MOA or less, with proper ammo....after only a trigger adjustment. I have not had an ADL with the wood stock, so I can't comment on that model specifically...but I imagine the the same holds true for them. There is a lot to be said for a blind magazine-type rifle, especially when stock stiffness and accuracy "out of the box" is considered. The ADL model is, of course, exactly the same as any other Rem. 700, as regards the metal bits (action, barrel, etc.). It is only different because of the stock and magazine arrangement (and the metal finish).

The ADL, in my view, is the perfect "knockabout" rifle. I have always favored simple, less-expensive models anyway....about which I do not have to care too much. My ADL's served me very well. I would not hesitate to buy another - and in fact, if I ever look for another Remington, it will be an ADL (if I can find a good one...since they are now out of production). The new "SPS" is the same rifle, of course, just with a floorplate magazine and a different stock. Another small factor which attracted me to the ADL (and which was useful in the field) is the fact that, with no floorplate opening, there is less chance of water/ dirt getting into the action, in the field. I used my rifles hard, when I hunted quite a bit (much more than now).

If the ADL is available at a good price, which it should be, since it's a discontinued model - I would not hesitate for a moment in purchasing it.

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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

I have a 700ADL in .270win. I've had it for about 11yrs now and its the only high power rifle that I own. I haven't had any reason to buy a new one.

Out of the box it is amazingly accurate and has never failed one the range or in the field. I have found that it groups well with most bullet brands and types. Best so far being the 130gr Win. BT's and worst being 130gr. Rem Core-Lockts.

As others has mentioned, the only thing I don't like about it is the STIFF STIFF STIFF STIFF STIFF STIFF, did I mention STIFF trigger. It feels like its set at about 50lbs. I tried to adjust it, but when I took it apart it looks like its one that can't be adjusted. It doesn't bother me hunting, but it does get on my nerves shooting at paper.

Good luck.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?


Let me throw another question out there about 30-06 ballstics, if the gun is dead on at 100 yards with 165 grain bullets where can I expect it to hit at 50 yards? 150 yards? 200 yards?
I'm going to get smeared for this but here goes.
A .30-06 sighted in at 100 yards will shoot the same as a 300 untramag from 0 to 200 yards sighted for the same 100 yards......no discernable difference to the shooter.....and with considerably less recoil.

That statement can't be stretched to 300 or 400 yards however.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

Well, I won't smear you. You're right on the mark.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

The trigger on your ADL IS adjustable. Remington only uses one type of trigger on it's bolt-action rifles....they are all adjustable. You said that you thought that yours 'did not appear to be adjustable' - I wonder if you are referring to the clear sealant applied over the adjustment screws. This is used to ensure that the settings do not change due to vibration, etc. This sealant is just scraped away with a suitable tool (a small knife blade works well for this)....then the screws can be adjusted. This can be a "DIY" project....BUT, if you are NOT familiar with the proper procedure - and tests to do afterwards to ensure safety - then, by all means, take the rifle to a gunsmith. A Remington trigger adjustment can be completed, by anyone who knows how, in 30 minutes or less....and many gunsmiths charge only about $25 for this. It's an easy service to perform. There is absolutely NO reason that you need put up with the trigger at an uncomfortable setting. These triggers are designed for 3 to 7 lbs of break weight....and most that I've seen are factory-set to the upper end of that range. A simple adjustment is all that is needed - and you will like your ADL even more.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

I have had a dozen or more Remington ADL's Half were the newer ADL Synthetic. No ADL that I ever owned performed less than pretty darn well. All shot under two inches and many with the right load shot much closer to one inch. The ADL has been discontinued as of last year. Scheels sold all their remaining ADL's For 329.00. I bought one in 270 and although I have not fired it yet, I will be suprised if it won't beat 1 1/2 from the box with any good factory load. I will report on it when I get a chance at some range time. I have a new Aetec sitting on the shelf wauiting. I also bought a new Swift Premier 4x12 which I may use. I have had perfect performance for years with these two models of scopes. Well under 200.00 when I bought them.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

I have 3. 2 synthetics and one with wood stock. Im not gonna say how they group lest I be called a fibber..lol. Lets just say they wont be changing ownership anytime soon. James did you get a synthetic adl 270? I will never hesitate to buy a 700 of any sort. I have 5 and love em all. You will be well served with the adl as it is a fine gun! All of mine had the trigger adjusted from 2.5-3 pounds....my smith charges 10 bucks for the job. So it isnt hardly worth my trouble to learn how to do it.
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Default RE: Opinions on Remington 700 ADL?

Hey Taz,I have a old Remington Model 788 in.308 that I would probally part with for you for about $200 or $250 I think it has a 4X weaver or tasco on it.It ain't real pretty but that old gun will shoot with the best of them .I have never seen a 788 that did'nt shoot good.
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