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Grizzly & brownies

Old 07-25-2005, 08:52 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default Grizzly & brownies

So what would you use to go after the big bears? As kid growing up in Eastern Iowa, the rifles going up North for that purpose were 375 Holland and Hollands.

Just curious.
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

I'd use my 338.
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

338Win.Mag., 35Whelen, or 375H&H. The 9.3x62 would also do, of course, but not too commonly found.
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Old 07-25-2005, 09:56 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

i'ld use my trusty 30-06 with a good quality bonded bullet.
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Boone & Crockett
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

If I were going again it would be with the 30-06 7600 Pump and/or the 45-70 with Garret or equivalent loads.
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

For Kodiaks I personally would consider the 338 as my minimum and would prefer to carry that grand ol dame the 375 H&H also. I have several highsteppin rifles that would kill a grizz and do so at considerable distance. BUT for safeties sake and alot of guides requirements, I would keep my shots at dangerous game less than 200yds and preferably less than 100yds. Game that has a tendacy of getting pissed off and coming for you is of utmost importance to stop and BREAKDOWN right there on the first shot. Wading through brush after a wounded buff or Kodiak aint my idea of fun and I would rather not tempt my Creator with my own mortalitly with such a hobby.

Would also have a 500 Smith or 454 Casull under my arm for backup!
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

For me the gun that is built for bears is the .416 Rem Mag,thats whatI would use.A close second would be my .338 Win Mag of the good ol'e stand by .375 Hamer and Mangleum.
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

Bisquit Jake,

Brownies? And I get to plan in advance what to take rather than just make do with what I've got when bear and man's paths cross?[The Eskimo Plan]Well, then.....

** 416 Rigby with 400 grain Partitions, anda
** 375H&Hback in camp (or on board)as the back up rifle in case anything got damaged.

** If I was takingmy hunting partneralong to handle the "stopper" job (probably not allowed except in Russia), then he'dhavethe 458 Lott, but that job would likely fall to the guide and the guide would have to have something salty before I'd go out with him. Shoemaker likes 458WinMags for both stopping and hunting, I'd be okay going with something along those lines as well. (I guess I could always just download the Lott ).

Though I own them, use them,and love them, I'd leave the 338's and 30-06's at home.
Why? First, because I have a STRONG tendancy toopt for "more" when my hide is on the line and second, because I can.

The exception to the 338's would be ifthe hunt was going to involve severe and strenuous elevation gains in the course of a day which would favor a light weightrifle, in which case I have a waspy little 6.5 pound Sako in 338WinMag that I would reluctantly consider. Personally, I just as soon hunt the coast on a live aboard boat and do the sea-going spot and stalk and "go in" heavy when the time came, but that is just me.

Just my $.02, but a serious non-flippantanswer.
God bless ya forafun, think-outside-the-box, non-deer/non-elk question!
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

I've hunted, shot and went onto the brush for big bears in some of the best bear hunting spots in Alaska.

A 7 Rem. Mag. with 175 NP's works very well!!! 30-06 with 200 NP's also works pretty good and that's my min. cartridge i'd use.

If i was going tomorrow i'd once again use my custom .338-06 or maybe my 9.3x74R double rifle??

There are many cal's that work very well, but i feel it's waaaaaay more important to use the proper bullets than a cannon thatyou don't shoot all that well under pressure!

BTW, i just won't take a shot at a big bear much over 100 yards and no one else should either. (unless it's already wounded)

Drilling Man
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Default RE: Grizzly & brownies

If I was the guide I'd ask that the gun you bought along carried about 4,000 Ft-lb energy and I'd be carrying something like a .416 Rem Mag.
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Quick Reply: Grizzly & brownies

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