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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

The 30-30 would be perfect for you. It is an awesome deer rifle out to 150 yds with any factory ammunition.

Recoil is light, guns are relatively inexpensive, ammo is cheap and found almost everywhere, and performance on deer size game is outstanding.

Hammer safeties are as safe as anyother kind, and if you get a newer model, it will have both the hammer safey as well as the cross-bolt safety.

Go with the 30-30

Happy Hunting,

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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

Another vote for the 7mm-08. I have a Mauser 98 that I sporterized into 7mm-08 that will make a nice rifle for my step-daughter to start using next year.
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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

i am with frizz on lever actions bot being a good beginner gun. i have had many a person who has never fired a firearm before shooting my win 94XTR in 22mag. 3 out of the 4 people have not help onto the trigger when putting it on half cock and has gone off.

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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

Heres another second for Frizz!
30-30 are short range guns and not for beginners!
I know someone will say that they, or someone they know have taken deer at 300 yards with the 30-30! If so, they were either an expert marksman with lots of shooting under their belts or a very, very lucky shot! Most would fall into the latter catagory!
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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

Get a 30-30 Marlin 336 and put a Bushnell 4x scope on it. This is what I got my daughter 2 years age. Ammo is sold everywhere and most of todays 30-30 ammo will do just fine out to 150 yards. Young hunters should learn to shoot at 100 to 150 yards and learning the art of stalking befor moving on to a longer range rifle. The 30-30 has been taking deer for years and will continue to do so for years to come. Just check out the Marlin web site fourm and ask those folks how well the 30-30 works. Go to Marlin talk and click on the link. Then go to 336 fourm

hornet Man

Hornet Man
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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

first off this is a biginner hunter,i thick?
I have both 243 and the 7mm08 in brush the 243 with a 100 grain will not crash the bush like a 7mm in a 160 grain no were close.
the 160 is 2400 ft and the 100 grain, 243 is 2800 dont get me wrong
the 243 is a good gun.but in bush the 7mm is far better with 160 grain
if would like bigger then there is so many. 270 30-06 and up.
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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

I said a 30-30 is a perfect gun for Missouri Deer. Meaning most deer in Missouri are taken UNDER 100 yards. Most of missouri is thick woods and a 30-30 makes a perfect woods gun. And good luck when you forget your ammo on a hunting trip. I doubt many ma & pop stores have 25-06 or 7mm-08 on hand. And a 243 will deflect easy, it takes alot to sway a 170grain 30-30 bullet.

And should any "NEW" hunter be trying a 300yd shot anyway?

I learned on a lever action with only a half cock saftey, If you are safe and carefull(which you should be with any gun)and know how to use the gun you are shooting, you should have no problem with a Lever action.

Guns cause crime, like flies cause garbage.
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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

the 30-30win has probally taken more deer than any caliber but it probally has wounded just as much.
i would look at the 260rem and 7mm-08rem as long distance rifles. but if your shots are under 100yds the 30-30win would be just as fine as the 260rem and 7mm-08rem.

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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

I can think of at least 3 published tests that debunk your whole "brush gun" theory. The 30-30 Win deflects just as much as a light bullet moving at high speed. Actually some tests say it deflects more. Same thing with the 243 and 7mm-08. The bottom line is there is no one bullet or caliber that is any better in brush than another. It is irresponsible to even suggest such a thing to a novice hunter.

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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Rifle

I can think of 3 publications that say Elvis is still alive living with Morrison from the Doors. Don't mean I have to believe everything I read. I mean as a scientist, there is scientific basis why one bullet will deflect more than the other in certain media, same as light from lasers that I work with will do the same with different data rates and output powers.

I take publication with a grain of salt these days. One day you got John Barshness saying the Nosler PT will outpenetrate anything, then you got another editor from another saying the opposite, then you find out that Barshness is basically hugely in bed with Nosler helping them develop BT for bullets in the 358 caliber, on and on. I am just using him as an example, and he is one of the most well know hunting writers of this day. Best thing a person can do is read several sources and try it out yourself.

Fizzellr, not bashing on ya and do enjoy your posts. I am just making a point from a science point of view and a huge sceptic. I learned the hard way on a buck with bow on Saturday evening about this deflection, that its not good with any bullet or arrow. Took a risky shot past a trig in my way and paid the price of it. At least, I didn't hit him with a bad shot.

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