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Chuck7 04-20-2013 06:16 AM

The Good , Bad and the Ugly..
Went fishing this morning..flipped..expecting Big Bertha to be on one of the 100s of beds I see..nothing going..So I felt led to drift and crank deep water..I put 2 rods sideways on the boat..this way if one is getting bit I can grab and set the hook before the fish feels me..Meanwhile..I tied on a Bill Norman 9 foot DD Tennnessee Shad on the little lite rod..on and low and behold..this 6 1/2 pounder snatched it.It was a blast on Lite tackle..

The wind was blowing strong so for us was perpect fishing weather today. . I was planning to drift about 5 times over this 200 yd segment of water..On the 2nd drift I picked up this 3 pounder., to be a very good day..{-;

Here's my new Lite Ugly Stick...However with hogs like this ..I brought some back up..I brought 1 MH 7 foot mono rod and a Flipping rod rigged with Power Pro..and and my 7 foot Medium Ugly Stick I use for throwing big cranks..

And now for the Ugly..}--; on one of my drifts..because I decided on about 7 or more drifts..hey it was looking good; one of my worm rods starting moving..I picked it up and whatever it was was gone..SO..I tried here I am cranking my butt off and I have my 7 ' worm rod drifting as well as my 7 ' medium crank bait rod drifting with a worm {Mistake #1} I'd forgot it was my flimsy I am cranking one rod when the 7 'medium rod starts scaping the boat because a fish is biting it...Quickly as planned I drop the crankbait rod..pick up the 7 is running...I make a long sweeping over the head hook set..FISH ON!!!and it's a monster!! I'm turning the crank but no line is being spooled..This bad girl is ripping the line off the spool. OK..I'm already read up and prayed up so I'm totally relaxed..I simply use the index finger to tighten up gradually on the drag..and here she comes..The fish is about 25 yds out..and I'm fishing in 10-16 foot of water {This is where they go when they aint bedding..that was a tip [-; } and now she breaks the surface with a tarpon headshake but only 1/2 of her is out of the water..ok..thinking good solid 8 pounder here..I don't pray out loud as my usual custom..I'm totally relaxed..actually I begine thanking God for another great fish..Oh know..not another jump..YES sir re' Bob..and this time totally out of the water.and she is every bit of 27 inches..a 2 fisted hawg mouth and a rectangular shapeded 10 pound plus..and after the jump....oh ..oh ..oh no no no line is slack..I never yell..but this time I yelled..OH NO !!!!!!very there ya got..The Good, Bad and the Ugly..

I'll Be Back

buffdmac 04-20-2013 07:52 AM

Oh we'll at least u got the six pounder

Chuck7 04-20-2013 09:50 AM

Do you know where this spot is? Look in the mouth of the 3 pounder...and see how far he swallowed the Crankbait..the fish was blood at all.

Psylocide 04-22-2013 09:54 AM

Great story C7... those are some nice looking fish there, just be glad that you're able to get on the water. We're getting a bunch of snow right this second.

As far as the "ugly..." the biggest fish of the day never leaves a shred of evidence as to it's existence. :s3:

"I swear it was this big!" :arms:

Chuck7 04-22-2013 10:19 AM

I hear ya..and that's what makes it bad..LOL no evidence..

Psylocide 04-22-2013 10:31 AM

Originally Posted by Chuck7 (Post 4052768)
I hear ya..and that's what makes it bad..LOL no evidence..

Well, that 6.5 lber is nothing to sneeze at... however, I am getting a bit envious now.

Come onnnnnn spring!

Gangly 04-24-2013 05:46 AM

Great story and great catch Chuck! Big Bertha is coming, just a matter of time :)

Chuck7 04-24-2013 06:41 AM

I had her twice last night..
Here's why I whole heartedly beleive I lost them both..

I have a Bible reading I do change my heart...I read the morning and afternoon but rushed out the door after dinner ..and did not read the 3 chapters that I should..I hooked into 16 bass ..2 were over 8 easily..I boated 2 dinks..When I went to leave the truck was acting up...stuck in low 4 wheel drive..Today..I will do all my readings and try again..

My best fish yesterday I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to try a new point..I pitched the side tracked ..looked back and the slack line was tightning fast..the sign if a big fish..I set the hook..and this fish {God as my witness} stripped at least 15 yds of line straight out to the middle...I was simply holding on and the Quantum 1310 drag was as safely tight as I could make it..She was bolting to the top and leaped out totally ..her head about the diameter of a paint can with that thick rectangular body..shook like a train throwing my worm..this was about number 12 of the 3 hour fising trip..I hung my head down and said "WHy Lord"?

About an hour prior of that I was pitching a favorite cat tail spot..pick and zing..I set the hook. The fish did not look bigger than 5 1/ I didn['t take it real serious..We played for a while..she never did jump but I could see her about 10 iches below the urface..I purposely got her about 5 yds away from the vegetated shoreline..As I was getting ready to net her..CRAP!!!!!!!!She some how turned into the biontic bass and went straight back to the shoreline stripping a tightnened drag...wrapped around a willow tree..and broke off..

Plan to day ..feeling led of course..
Change Rods..same reel
I painted some BB split shots red this morning to get ready..I had run out.

and let's do it again.{-;

Gangly 04-24-2013 01:55 PM

Well, somedays it just works out that way. It seems as though you arent gonna get through them without everything going backwards and south. Having those rough days make the good days feel that much sweeter though and gives you a reason to sit down and enjoy them when they come along. Hopefully today is the "good" day for you and you catch that 13 :)

Chuck7 04-24-2013 04:08 PM wife called at 3:30 and said the boys wanted to come over and play stayed home and played cards....someone was reported as catching a 13 pounder this week at Saddle Creek as well as one caught last week...I"m telling you all..I"m seeing some very big bass this year..hope to go out Thurs.-Sat....and pitch ..pitch ..pitch

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