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Chuck7 12-20-2011 02:51 PM

2012 Bass Tournament Sign up / Score board
This will be the sign up page..Tournament will be artificial only this year...
We will start the tournament Jan. 1st, 2012.
Sign up if you are interested.The tournament will run until August 31, 2011.
Sign up dates...Dec. 20,2011 through Jan. 10th,2012
Basic Rules..

1. Artificial only..

2. NO Guessing..please weigh fish .

3. Please make sure a date is in your picture..either from the Azzcamera itself or you can go to Paint and add one.

4. We will count your two best fish. You may post as many pictures as you wish.

5. There will be a north and south division..just like last year.

6. There are no prizes so no reason to cheat.Please respect yourself and others and be fair on your weights.

7. Last day for sign up is Jan.10th ,2011.

8. There are no teams ; every man for himself.

9. Northern Fishermen may use live bait.

Remember..I MUST have a date in the picture saying 2011 in your fish picture and you must weigh the fish.No estimates please. No mercy here. Sorry..I've had problems in the past.

SMALLMOUTH..If anyone is interested in posting smallmouth ,,We will have one division there as well.

NOTE ...We will post fish on this thread. It would be nice if every contestant would put all thier fish on his / her own I did laZst year..{ -; helps me keep up with the weight better..This is not a rule just a request.Have fun folks..{ -;

Largemouth Bass Contestants..

Northern Folks

CabinOutdoors.........5 pounds 12 ounces SECOND PLACE

Phil From Maine...... 4.78THIRD PLACE

Buckhunter 14......... 11.72First Place WINNER


SlugGun Hunter


Gangly ...............11.73 pounds



Chuck7 ............19.00 Pounds First Place WINNER

Buffdmac............ 15 1/2 Second Place

Mrs. MTHands



BigBen7....... 5 pounds

Flhunter91...15 1/2 pounds 2nd place


Smallmouth Contestants

CabinOutdoors 1.43 Pounds

MTHand's Wife

Phil From Maine 4 1/4 pounds Second Place

Buckhunter14. 8.66pounds First Place WINNER

CabinOutdoors 12-20-2011 03:29 PM

sign me up.. i will do small mouth too
Put me on the Board caught these 2 today

3lbs. flat

2lbs. 12oz.

First Smallmouth for the tourny. 1.42 pounds

Chuck7 12-20-2011 03:38 PM

CHUCK'S 2012 BASS ...These are all the 7 plus.

7 pounds even worm..flipping before daylight..

7 pounds....drifting a black worm over a sandbar.

7 pounds ..crankbait Bill Norman..over a sandbar.

7 Pounds...Terminator Spinnerbait over bass beds.


DD Bill Norman Crankbait....over sandbar..

8 Pounds...DDCrankbait...afternoon over sandbars.

8 1/4 pounder ..DDCrankbait over sandbar.

9 pounds even Bill Norman Crankbait over sandbar.

10 Pounds..and a tad over..;)

FLIPPING A BLACK TRICK WORM...used 20 pound braid..and a good thing..

I did have a guide on all fishing trips..{ The Lord was with me.}

CabinOutdoors 12-20-2011 03:46 PM

Originally Posted by Chuck7 (Post 3892414)
10-4 friend

haha thanks and i know there is no reward but the winner should get a "logo" that says there name and like 2012 bass tourny winner and then have like how much their fish weighed

Chuck7 12-20-2011 03:52 PM

don't forget Cabin.. MUST have date in picture and honestly weighed..a few forget that and get mad at me ..when I don't record thier fish..

CabinOutdoors 12-20-2011 03:56 PM

Originally Posted by Chuck7 (Post 3892427)
don't forget Cabin.. MUST have date in picture and honestly weighed..a few forget that and get mad at me ..when I don't record thier fish..

I know i will have a picture of the scale and a video just for you :s1:

jrbsr 12-20-2011 04:17 PM

Sign me up again.

Chuck7 12-21-2011 09:50 AM

yes sir,,abd thanks for fixing my date { -;

Gangly 12-21-2011 11:15 AM

Looking forward to it guys!

Fish Number 1 for this year:

5.98 lbs

Fish Number 2:

Chuck7 12-21-2011 01:29 PM

My bedroom is filled with tackle...I know if I didn't do this tourney..I'd fish a lot less. I'm getting old and one selfish reason was to motivate me to get out on the water.Also, there is much trouble in our world these days..this can help us get our minds off the recession and enjoy God's creation. Our deer season ends Jan. after that I'll be looking for BIg Bertha..I'm excited about the compitition this year. This should be one of our best tourneys ever..Matt has his own boat this year so he will try harder as well.

I've got one more week to try and ambush this ole boy.

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