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marlin30/30_drabe 03-07-2011 04:23 PM

one of my buddies took me to one of his secret spots and on the 3rd cast BOOM a 22" walleye on a suspending husky jerk. i got the biggest of the night

j76 03-07-2011 05:05 PM

I troll alot for walley also. Inline planer boards with reef runners at night and crawler harness with snap weights during the day. Still a greenhorn at it but seems like early in the spring i do best in shallow water 8-12 feet, where the water warms up first and the bait fish collect. As the summer gets goin and the water warms you have to gradually keep fishing deeper and deeper water. Then in the fall start moving in shallower again. When trollin for em its a fine balance of speed, water depth, and depth of the bait your runnin. It can get quite interesting when you got 6-8 lines in the water and ya start nailin fish! You find yourself workin yer butt off tryin to keep em all in the water! I love it!

Tikka 30-06 03-08-2011 06:53 AM

Yeah speed is another thing I forgot to mention that is a big part. If your pulling harnesses you usually want to go slow, probably not much over 1.5 mph and focus around 1 mph usually. Depending on what cranks your pulling you may speed up to even 2.5 mph to get the action you need. Some days they like it fast and some days they like it slow to just like any other type of fishing.

If you get into it a little more your best inverstment will be definitely be the trollers bible from precision trolling. It gives you the dive curve for almost any lure imaginable as well as curves when using weights. Gives you more confidence in knowing where your baits are.

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