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Default patterns....

ok ok its bin about 2 weeks since a fly post...i bin thinkin agen.....what are some attractor patterns and some searching patterns? something that a trout will hit...regaurdless of hatches ect... i need some good flys anytime of the year yano...i dont trout fish alot..and would like to beable to tie some flys that should work when i do make it to a trout stream without needing to kno the hatch and matching it...thanx

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Default RE: patterns....

Mauser.....Don't make me come out there!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

OK.......Let's see. What would I not want to be without for trout??

<font color=red>&quot;Pheasant Tail&quot;</font id=red> -#14,16,18,20
Tie some &quot;Flashback&quot; versions and some Copper beadhead versions.

<font color=red>&quot;Hare's Ear&quot;</font id=red> #12,14,16,18
You can tie this pattern in all sorts of shades....light , dark, olive,
Can rib with gold tinsel, wire or copper wire.
Tie some with Gold bead heads, and some of the beadheads on Curved Caddis style hooks.

I find myself going to the Pheasant Tail styles more often than the HAre's Ear, but it doesn't hurt to have em'

<font color=red>&quot;Prince&quot; nymph and &quot;Zug Bug&quot;</font id=red> #12,14
These are fun simple nymphs to tie.....are mainly an attractor style but work VERY well when the Isonychia &quot;Slate Drakes&quot; are hatching.

<font color=red>&quot;Brassie&quot;</font id=red> #18,20,22,24
I won't get into the whole midge thing just yet with you.....midge pupa, cripples , larva etc. You're simply not ready. No offense.....but the Brassie is simple to tie and if you run across &quot;sipping&quot; trout feeding on midges and won't look at anything of these drifted by just under the surface with a tiny strike indicator can just whoop em'! A #20 or so Pheasant tail will work as well like this.....just get it drifting at the level of the fish.

<font color=red>&quot;Stonefly Nymph&quot;</font id=red>.....Golden and Dark BRown or Black......#6,8,10
Any place stoneflies are present, these make excellent searching patterns......a trout has a hard time passing up a high energy snack like a stonefly drifting by helplessly.
All year long.......but especially when they typically hatch in mid spring.

<font color=red>&quot;Scuds&quot;</font id=red> - #14,16,18 Pale Smoky Olive is my favorite. (CHeck my site for a great pattern)
These translucent little shrimp like guys are found in MANY of PA's limestone streams and are a staple of the trouts diet year round.
There are streams in PA that I can fish this fly every day of the year and catch trout consistently.

<font color=red>&quot;Adams&quot;</font id=red> #10,12,14,16,18
A &quot;Go To&quot; dry fly......represents many of the Dark greyish mayflies just well enough to work consistently.
My favorite is a &quot;Parachute&quot; style.
The tiny ones will work for Blue Winged Olives, and the larger ones will pass for everything from Hendrickson's to Slate Drakes.....this fly can save a day.

<font color=red>&quot;ELK HAIR CADDIS&quot;</font id=red> #12,14,16,18
Caddis make up a large part of a trouts diet when they are ready for them.
Tie the bodies in shades of Olive, Tan, Black
brown and with wings of a neutral color such as natural deer hair or dyed &quot;Medium Dun&quot; deer hair.
You can vary this pattern a lot with hackle tied over the body......or just in front of the wing......or no hackle at all.
As a general rule, use heavier hackled flies in rougher water, no hackle versions in flat water.

<font color=red>&quot;Griffith's Gnat&quot;</font id=red> #18,20,22,24
I said I wasn't going to get crazy with the midge stuff, but this is a great fly.
It's SIMPLE to tie.....and not hard to see even in tiny sizes.
Works on those same sipping trout that are feeding on midges.......get close, use a light tippet and have fun!!

These are GREAT summer patterns.
<font color=red>&quot;Ants&quot;& &quot;Beetles&quot;</font id=red>.....#16,18,20,22
Black,Cinnamon,Flying all work well in the heat of summer.......You'll need to be close to see the fly,drift and take, but I've had 100 fish days using a single floating ant pattern. (June,July,August, September)

<font color=red>&quot;Hoppers&quot;</font id=red>......#6,8,10,12
These can be a BLAST...literally. Nothing like a 20&quot; brown exploding on a well placed grasshopper imitation.
Work best on grassy, meadow type streams.....especially fertile limestone ones.
You can cover a lot of water, fast with this fly hitting close to the banks and shady're looking for aggresive fish.

<font color=red>&quot;Wooly Buggers&quot; </font id=red>#8,10,12
Black,Brown,Olive......Crystal,Beadhead,and standard versions all work well.
Good early season fly fished deep......also a good late evening/night fly cast to banks and stripped like an injured whatever....browns love it.
There are a bunch of streamer,sculpin patterns out there, but this is all you need to know for now trust me.

These are pretty much the <font color=blue>&quot;Basic&quot;</font id=blue> patterns in my box that get a workout each year.......I try to match whatever local hatch is occuring with very exacting imitations, but find myself going to these flies as much as any some days.

They will definitely help to round out a good selection of trout flies........
I really need to show you a picture of some of my flyboxes sometime!!!
You just wait til' I get you really matching hatches.......oh think of it......Exacting Nymphs, emergers,spinners,cripples,and duns for about 100 different mayfly species!!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
Then we'll discuss midges,caddis,stoneflies,craneflies, forage food,etc. etc.......You'll love it!

Good luck!

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Default RE: patterns....

thanx alot matt ur my fly fishing idol..and thats exactly the info i needed and thought about most of them patterns...just needed expert advice...thanx alot now im gunna beat my dad and his friend fishing live bait this may on our turkey/trout trip!

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