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Wal Mart?

Old 08-17-2004, 05:18 AM
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Default RE: Wal Mart?

Then you must hang out with some whimpy little panty waists if they put up with that. If you gave my friends any s##t about where they did their shopping you would wake up somewhere with a doctor shining a light in your eyes to check you for brain damage from the beating.
AHAHAHHAHA yea they take the **** none of them measure up to my size of 6'7" and 290 lbs.

Yeah I hear ya on the part about feeling sodomized by your local gun store but thats why you find one that doesn't when I lived in kansas city 90% of the gun stores were rediculous in their markup but the store I did my business with didnt price stuff to collect dust they had a reasonable 20% markup from wholesale and would hardly ever charge shipping for any special orders. Here in Prescott, Az most of the gun stores are very reasonable a few are rediculous but also has alot to do with competition there are 18 gun stores in my town the particular one I do business with has only a 10% markup and never charges shipping on special orders I always ask him how he makes money at it but the funny thing is he is the most successful gun store in town his philosify is price it to sell. Thats why you need to get off your lazy hill billy butt and look through the phone book and call all the stores and get the best prices or hop in your pick up truck and drive to a bigger town where Billy bob isnt looking to feed his 10 kids off of 1 gun sale.

USMC you make a decent point there, But what about this everyone is buying guns from walmart and all the local gunstores go out of business this looking over about 20 year time spread and like K-mart Walmart management decides to start declining on gun avalibility like most K-marts I've been to in the past 2 years dont even carry guns anymore. Then what will we do if noone carries guns anymore the drop in gunsales will put manufacturers out of business. Holy smokes Batman the Anti gun people just Won. Just food for thought I'm not saying that is how its gonna happen but very well could.
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Old 08-17-2004, 05:55 AM
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Default RE: Wal Mart?

Good point about being at the mercy of only one source for guns. The fact is that there are few guns shops in my area and if I am going to drive over an hour to get to one I sure don't want to pay a crazy price or even haggle with the guy. I like Billy Bob and all but I have my own family to feed. I think if Wal Mart did slow it's gun sales or faded it out that the demand for guns would increase dramatically at the few remaining gun shops due to lack of consumer choice, and possibly more local shops will open or re-open due to demand. I know two good fellows that live close by that went through the trouble of obtaining their FFL just so they could order whatever they wanted without the hassle, they do have to sell a few guns every year at a slight markup to make up for the FFL cost. You may see ads in your local paper, they will order whatever gun you like for a 10% fee, usually they can get you a great deal if you know what you want. I'm sure folks like that would see some business. I just hate seeing local gun shop owners turn into used car salesmen, I'm more than willing to discuss why I have chosen a particular gun or caliber but I will walk out the door when they try to steer me toward something they want to sell me off of the shelf. I do on occasion deal with one local shop that carries almost no rifles but the guy will order anything you want without question with the same deal 10% fee. In any case we all still win every time a gun is purchased no matter where.
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Old 08-26-2004, 12:47 PM
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Default RE: Wal Mart?

Interesting Question.
This is the situation where I live.

5 stores in 45 minutes of my house.

Most expensive store (easily MSRP)
* great service
* flexible and listen
* wont budge an inch on price (which is WAY too high)

Three middle of the road shops
* slight attitudes
* always seem to be 'busy' and they are 'making' time to chat with you
* love money up front, delivery time undetermined

Lowest Price
* guy is a complete dillweed
* only wants to sell you HIS brand
* has an ego the size of all of new england

Then there is Walmart
* people dont know jack
* can get just about anything
* competatively priced

So, what decides it for me?
1. do I know exactly what I am looking for?
* if so it narrows it down to middle 3 or walmart
* If I need help deciding, I go to middle 3. They generally know SOMETHING about firearms
* I wont save a few bucks to give a-hole his sale
* I wont spend 25%+ more at nice guys place

2. Do I need to save a buck?
* Sometimes money is tighter than other times, Generally will land on middle 3

3. How far do I want to travel?
* Unfortunately, Jerky is the closest dealer.
* Can I save more time in 'hassle' with someone farther away, or Walmart, than dealing with Dumb-Head
* Big purchase, I am willing to travel. A choke or targets, I'll dash in and get what I need.

All in all, I really do try and support my local dealers (in everything from car repair to hunting supplies).
But when the local dealer makes the process of buying through them a situation that causes heartburn and migraines, it is hard NOT to walk into Wally-World and simply as for what you know you want, Pay for it, and Walk out (either that day or on delivery).
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