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OLDTIMER 11-14-2003 02:22 AM

Bought a VX-II for my Encore 209x50. I ran out of vertical adjustment at 8 inches low at 100 yards. The turret knob came up against the stop. After contacting Leupold, I was told there is nothing wrong with the scope. They said I should shim the rear of the base,as some guns and bases don' t line up properly. It' s a Leupold QR base and low rings. The Simmons and Nikon I had on it adjusted fine in the same rings and base. What happened to send it back and we' ll check it out????? I thought I was buying the best. I guess I was wrong. I' ll have to go back to imports to get the job done.

Mykey 11-14-2003 10:29 AM

I' ve always used Leupold optics and always will and in my personnel opinion and experience i find them to be the best optics made for the money and have personally never had a problem what so ever with a Leupold product. I' m not saying you couldn' t have got a bad scope because every manufacturer can make a bad product at any given time. I will say that i did have an issue like yours arise once when i tried to mount a Leupold 40mm on a H&R single shot but it wasn' t the scope, i was trying to use the wrong height rings. I was using high rings when i needed med rings and when sighting in i ran out of adjustments. Once i got the correct rings the problem was solved. This may not be your problem but that was my experience when it happened to me.

I' ve only dealt with the Leupold customer service once which was about 2 weeks ago when i stumbled upon a guy who needed some cash to pay land taxes and sold me a vari x 3 at a super price. The scope was in excellent new condition with the exception of it missing the two black caps that screw on the windage and elevation adjustments. He had taken target turrets off and couldn' t find the caps that went back on. I called Leupold and told the lady what i needed and low and behold when the package came i had a set of the black caps as well as a set of target turrets at no charge. IMO thats great or maybe even exceptional customer service and i give them a big thumbs up. I hope you get your problem fixed but if you decide you no longer want that Leupold i can always use another one and i' ll gladly take it off your hands if the price is right:D. Good luck.

OLDTIMER 11-14-2003 03:00 PM

Called Leupold today. They don' t want to see the scope. They want to send me a base and rings machined on an angle to compensate for elevation. That seems to tell me that they' re having some kind of problem. I can' t see them doing that for one gun.

strut 11-17-2003 04:06 PM

I' m fixing to find out what kind of customer service they have cause I sent one back last week that would' nt line up, sometimes the POI would not move and the next time a click or 2 might move it 6 inches or more. Had to go back to my old Tasco World Class for this season.

James B 11-17-2003 10:37 PM

Strut. My Leupold does that too. It stays where you put it but if you do move the adjustment you better not plan on hunting with it until you check and see how far it moved if at all. A couple times after shooting in a new load I would give it an extra click or two up for elevation. Sometimes it wouldn' t move and sometimes it might go 2 or 3 inches. It don' t bother me now that I know it.

OLDTIMER 11-18-2003 01:44 AM

Called Leupold yesterday. He told me the remachined base is a solution to a common problem. Why don' t they just fix the problems with the scopes? I have a quick release base on my Encore for ease of cleaning. They should at least replace it with that instead of a dual dovetail. Still not interested in seeing the scope.

strut 11-18-2003 05:01 AM

Hummmm, James so you have saw this also with the Leupolds, I could' nt get mine shooting within 3 inches of the red at a 100 yards, The closest I could get it was about 3" to the right, so I finally thought I had it figured out so I just moved it a couple clicks and nothing happened, so I moved it a couple more and the next shot was 6" to the left, after a full box of ammo in going back and forth like this I said to heck with it and went back with my old scope I knew that it would do a good job. After 19.00 bucks for a box of ammo and 6 bucks in shipping charges {not to mention the sore shoulder} I hope they either fix it or send me a new one.

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