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Default Weatherby

My first time posting,just joined this site so be easy on me. I am looking for some opinions and facts on a Weatherby Lazermark in 300 Weatherby mag which I purchased today. I was in a friends gun shop when a young man brought in a moth eaten box with his Grandfathers rifle which had never been fired. Trust me this baby is like new in box. I picked it up for $1,095 which I know my pal really made little on this so I could have it. It was manufactured in Japan and is highly decorated with deep Oak branch engraving. I have never had a Weatherby before but could not bear to pass up such a beautiful rifle. It is equiped with a Weatherby 3x9 scope so I assume this was sold as a package.
1. what is this thing worth retail?
2. who may have made the scope?
3. How can I find an owners manual?
Any other info would be welcomed.
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Post a pic so we can see it. On Gunbroker they range from $1,400 to $2,100. Not sure about the scope. Older rifles had German Hertel & Reuss scopes. Newer one had a Japanese scope. Not sure what brand it is. What year is the rifle?

Go to to see about the manual.
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I'd recommend you have it authenticated by the factory.
Before he passed of cancer, my step-father gave me his pristine 1983 Mark V Deluxe 300 and I sent off the info and had Weatherby authenticate it and that piece of paper was interesting and all the more special IMHO.

Scopewise, the Japanese Weatherby scopes got pretty popular a couple of years ago on Ebay/Gunbroker etc and were bringing fairly decent money ($150-$300+) among collectors who just HAD to have them to finish out their collection or pieces. I honestly haven't paid that much attention to them over the last couple of years so I'm not sure of the current market on them. They are decent scopes but all of them are now likely 30+ years old and even today's average scopes like a Nikon Prostaff, Leupold Rifleman, Bushnell Trophy etc, they will out perform them simply because of technology. (I don't recall who built the Weatherby scopes in Japan but they were decent scopes, not to be confused with Chinese/Vietnam $50 throw aways that are available today.)

Value wise, a new Lazermark can be typically had in the $1800-$2500 depending on the way it's ordered, options like 5 panels, etc... Assuming yours isn't a 5 panel & combined with the scope, I'd guess it's value in the $1500 range give or take a couple hundred for local market and the overall condition of the rig.

If you insist on taking that beautiful rifle out on the range and ESPECIALLY if you are going to hunt with it, then search high and low on the net for a stock cover called the "Kanes Gun Chap". They haven't been made now for appx 15yrs but there are still a few hanging on shelves in gunshops and stored in boxes if you dig and look. I have several for different old cherished guns and found most of them on Ebay. Most can be had for under $50 but I'd even pay $100 for a NIB Chap if I found one and needed it for a beautiful piece like your Lazermark! Protect the metal (And knock down that MIRROR shine as well) with any of the various gun tapes available that don't leave any residue.

I looked on a GunChap box I saved because it has a large fit chart on the back of it and the part number chap youd want to get for your Mark V is the "GC 01".

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Would like to see a picture, sounds like a very nice rifle.
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Not sure how much experience you have with rifles that kick, but the 300 Wby is a notorious bruiser. For some reason it seems to recoil a lot more than a similar weight rifle in 300 Win. I've owned 2 Wby rifles and I found that the stock design just didn't fit me worth a darn. Not saying they aren't quality rifles, but I prefer a simple Rem M700.
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The OP made that one post and hasn't been back on the site since!
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I personally won,t own any weapon that has a glorious American history that went to Asian manufacturing.
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