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cty100 08-10-2008 08:46 AM

mossberg 100atr
could someone with first hand experience give me a review of this rifle in say a .270. How does it shoot compared to a remington 700.

thanks guys chris

hunter5325 08-10-2008 11:36 AM

RE: mossberg 100atr
I was wondering the same....their quite a buy at about $290 out the door.


SJAdventures 08-11-2008 09:38 PM

RE: mossberg 100atr
I can't tell you first hand but have read on many forums that the ones who have them say they are very worth the money spent on them. You have to realize they're low end rifles but everyone who has them likes them.

o2bafnp 09-02-2008 09:14 PM

RE: mossberg 100atr
I picked up the ATR in the .243, scope included for about $350, tax and all. I compared it with Stevens, Remington, and Savage. Remington in the 700 is a great rifle, regardless of what caliber. Can't say the same for the 710 or the 770, though prices are great on both those models. Caliber selection is up to you. I've quickly learned there is no one "do it all rifle." For me, most of my shots are going to be 150 yards or less (last three years, all under 75 yards). I've hunted with my Marlin 30-30 and done very well, but on the off chance I get that 200 yard shot, needed something more reliable, that wouldn't rip the shoulder at the bench. I have a Woodsmaster 742. Mixed reviews, but mine has never jammed (as you will read in reviews)...I think it is mainly about ammo selection in that case. The 30-06 is a great versatile cartridge and there is always plenty of ammo (and cheap). The .243 does what I need it to do, doesn't rip me up. That being said...I think the .270 is great for all around. I lamented over that caliber versus the .243. Ballistics are great for both to the range I will likely be hunting, but I think the .243 stops at whitetail for game size. The .270 takes it up a few notches, and can add serious distance. I'm looking at the 7400 in the 270 (used) with cheap scope, case for about $325 or Wally-world has in stock the 700 for $457 w/ scope and cammo stock. I would prefer a synthetic stock, but...the Mossberg was certainly the cheap rifle that I wanted...does the job, cheap ammo, good accuracy, and a great price so you don't feel bad knocking it in the woods or bumping it up the treestand.

MichaelT. 09-03-2008 07:19 AM

RE: mossberg 100atr
I bought an ATR 100 in .270 , last Nov. I bought it as a gift for someone. It is a great rifle. Is it up to Remington 700 standards, , Does it cost as much $$$ as the Remington, It is accurate and reliable. It is 300.00 for the Synthetic / Marinecoat ..... and I have seen it a little cheaper. The boy I bought it for loves the gun. He has it all sighted in for this deer season. It will provide many , many years of faithful service ..... just like any other gun. The only thought I had, when Going over the rifle, was I wished it had a safety " knob " like the Remingtons. The one on the ATR is in the same spot, and it moves the same, but the metal safety knob is flat on top " low profile " , and I like the rounded " knob " on the Remy. But this is no major issue, but just something I believe they could change to improve it... But if that is the worst thing I can find to complain about ..... then that should tell you it is a good buy.... you can get 2 of the ATR's for the cost of a Remington.

Hope this helps...

renegadelizard 09-24-2008 11:44 AM

RE: mossberg 100atr
I have had the atr in 30-06 for about two years now and it is a tackdriver. At 100 yards I consistantly get sub minute groups using 150 gr sst's loaded over 50gr of to comparing it to the rem 700, the only thing the 700 has over the atr is fit and finish...the atr stocks, while adequate, are not pretty and are given to some warpage...this hasnt affected shootability so far, but cosmetically it irks me...however, the action on my atr is butter smooth, much better than the action on my dearly departed 700...both are long actions, but the 700 was given to binding at the worst possible times (like when i needed to load...duh). Metaphorically, its likemoped, fun as hell to ride until your friends start making fun of you.....

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