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Default SAVAGE 110

i am wodering how this gun shoots. what are all of the good and bad things about this gun. does anyone know how much this gun costs.
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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

I bought one in 7mm, and it is very accurate, I'm no great shot by any means but I get around a inch, sometimes a lil smaller and sometimes a lil bigger. Obviously the accuracy is very good, as is the price. The rings that come in the package deal aren't very good, and the recoil pad isn't really a recoil pad. It doesn't look the prettiest, but would you want to spend half the money on a Savage and get twice the accuracy of another gun or vice versa?

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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

Bought a Savage last year. My buddy had a 30.06 Savage and I was impressed with it's accuracy and price. I bought the 7mm Rem Mag 110 and have to say that I could not be more pleased with thegun. It does not have the best finish or look, but it is accurate and solid. One of the best guns you can buy at any price.
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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

I bought one at walmart about a year ago. It was a package deal (scope and all). I paid 250.00 for it on sale. Keep your eyes open and they might put them on sale again. If not go to the walmart web site. This gun shoots great and has been very trusty over the year that I have had it. It also comes in a variety of calibers. I got the 06 but it comes in .270, 7mm etc.
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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

I had one for a little while in the mid 80's. It was a 110E in 30-06, I bought it used for 150 bucks, but it was still brand new in the box. The bolt was still taped into the packaging so the gun had never even been put together let alone fired.

I liked it, it shot very well for me and I had no problems with it. I never took it hunting though since I lived in Ohio and you can't use them. I shot few woodchucks with it though. I think I got around 1 inch groups at 100 yards off from a picknic table with a cheap 3-9 scope. My step father had a pump remington in the same caliber and I liked my savage much better, it handled recoil better and seemed to be more accurate. The remington sure was pretty though.

I sold my savage to a buddy and to my knowledge he still has it and it functions just fine. I also have a savage 17HMR, if I were to get another centerfire I would not have a problem considering another savage.

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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

I have one in 30-06....and I like it!!!!!....It shoots pretty good for me considering I will put a box of 20 through a quarter at 150 yds. And the best thing about it is thatI only paid $299.00 with the scope about 8 years ago at dicks sporting goods. I am very pleased with my investment I have shot many deer with it since i baught it and also am able to have fun with it at the range without it killing my shoulder. Very fun, nice gun for the price.
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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

i use to have a model 10f in 308, it shot great, the bolt needed some break in, it was real hard unlocking sometimes. but was accurate as i expected, and for lack of use i sold it. very fun gun
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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

My Savage 110 in 30'06 shoots 1 minute of angle (or 1' groups at 100 yards.). It is lightweight, accurate and dependable. I can find no significant fualts in regards to funtion and application. But It is not the prettiest gun in the world. Still for the price, you cannot beat the 110.
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Default RE: SAVAGE 110

(I think okcmco means 1" groups at 100 yards, not 1 foot.)

Anyway, I have a 110 in .30-06 that I hunted with a lot recently. Killed two pigs and four deer with seven shots (and the miss was my fault).

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Savage rifles.
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