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BenPortner 08-19-2018 11:26 AM

Miss the Hunt
I'm a man who grew up hunting and trapping. I loved it. It was a most fulfilling part of my life. I served near the end of Vietnam in the Navy. I got out and like many worked here and there. I hunted as often as I could, my life felt closer to normal. Then beside having PTSD, I got physically hurt on a construction job. After several years of surgeries, I was no longer the strong man I had been. I became someone I no longer recognized. I had jumped from 185 lbs, to 325 lbs, with a broken body which no longer allows me to hike to go hunting. I can't ride horses and Harleys which I love. My wife and I both love venison, it is also much healthier for us both. If anyone happens to have any venison they can spare it would be much appreciated. Social Security, doesn't cover hunting lol. God bless.

Oldtimr 08-19-2018 12:27 PM

Did you ever think about getting an ATV to get you in the woods to hunt. Many states have a permit that would allow a disabled person to shoot from the ATV.

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