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Samurile 12-28-2014 05:10 PM

Shoulder Problems
Hello I am new to the forum but one of the reasons I joined was because I have shoulder issues. It dislocated twice then I got orthoscopic surgery to prevent it from dislocating again. Well it dislocated again again a couple months ago right as deer hunting here in NC started getting going. Well long story short I'm very limited as what I can do. I don't hunt from a tree stand but am unable to shoot anything other than a .22. Can you guys give me some advice on good guns to use that won't hurt or bother my shoulder that much.

Savage_99 12-28-2014 06:22 PM

Perhaps you could shoot left handed?

The crossbow I got does not kick.

A 243 that has some weight will not kick much.

Samurile 12-28-2014 06:32 PM

I have shot a .243 before the shoulder problems and I am a big guy so it wasn't bad but I have been looking into crossbows. The problem with shooting left handed is I would have to get a new shotgun and rifle. Just wondering what crossbow do you have?

Bbj270 12-28-2014 07:05 PM

[QUOTE=Samurile;4177 The problem with shooting left handed is I would have to get a new shotgun and rifle. Just wondering what crossbow do you have?[/QUOTE]
Not necessarily my cousin is left handed and most of his guns are right handed. He just uses his left hand to reach over and work the bolt he is petty good at doing that and never had a problem with a gun jamming because of this. Know another guy that is right handed and left eye dominated and he only shoots right hand guns from the left side.

Samurile 12-29-2014 06:03 AM

I have thought about shooting with my left hand and doing the action with my right hand. The only concern would be ejecting shells or casings hitting my face.

Bbj270 12-29-2014 06:23 AM

My cousin has a rem 742 in 6mm he shoots left handed and never had a problem that I know of with the shells hiring him in the face in fact I saw him shot my ruger 10/22 left handed and never had a problem. I think a semi would be more of a problem then a bolt with shells being ejected hitting you in the face. If I was you I would trying shooting left handed and see how it works out.

Savage_99 12-29-2014 07:21 PM

The crossbow

While I have hunted and competed with the rifle for 60 years the crossbow is new to me and Fun!

I have had a longbow for a long time but never put my heart into it.

I bought this crossbow on a lark when they went on sale. I got the whole kit for a couple of hundred.

It's more fun that two new guns.

It came with a scope and arrows. I also bought a block and pulley device to cock it (pull the string back). I also bought a target so I can shoot it in the basement! It's a block of what must be styrofoam with targets on it.

Samurile 12-29-2014 07:27 PM

Savage thank you for sharing! How bad is it on your back because my dad might use it some and he's has rods in his back for years so he is also a partial concern

Savage_99 12-29-2014 07:40 PM

This crossbow weighs about the same as a light rifle. There is no kick when shooting it. Of course it shakes some in your hands.

Get one, its fun and you can shoot it in the basement, garage, yard etc.

It's far more accurate, powerful and easy than a long bow.

Savage_99 12-29-2014 07:43 PM


FREE shipping

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