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Aught Six 11-24-2004 09:04 AM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
That's a really nice buck, bobcat. Congratulations on a good kill.

So far no good for me this season, but I've only been able to go out twice here in Virginia. Maryland gun season starts Saturday, and I have the following week off to hunt. I have a couple of really nice spots, and there are a few 7- and 8-pointers that come around one of them on a nearly daily basis.

Good luck, everyone!

bobcat 10 11-29-2004 03:47 PM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
i took me another big 8 point friday evening ..bigger than my last......i will show pics later

mossy33oak 12-04-2004 12:21 PM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
well fellas, I guess I did the right thing.....I aint gonna help our team score much but heres my story, I have hunted hard for the entire first week of MD rifle, and not seen A DEER!!! So, today on the way to my truck, I see 15 deer run into an island hedgerow. So needing some meat for the freezer, I put the stalk on this group of does (or so I thought) anyway I get up to the hedgerow and still nothing has busted out, so I walk into it on a 4 wheeler path, well I look to my left and I see horns and ears looking at me at 20 yards. I put the bino's up to see through the brush better and count 5 points, so since we have an 8 or better rule, I was gonna walk past him and let him stay hunkered down in safety. Well I took 2 more steps and he tried to get up but couldnt, obviously hit bad but not enough to put him out. So I watched him for a few minutes and I could see a bullet hole in his shoulder, but it wasnt bleeding. The hole I saw was bigger than a golf ball so I walked up to him within 10 yards and I could see it was pretty bad. So I raised the 25-06 and put one in his neck to end his misery. I checked him in, so if you guys want I can score him and add it to the pot, he probably wont go more than 50" I guess. This makes the 3rd deer seen in our area wounded by bad shots, (my dad saw 2 does with their front leg drawn up obviously broken by bad shots!!! Man what are these people doing out here, Id love to wrap their guns around their necks. I think people get the deer running, and just start whackin away at them on the run. I am pissed!!!

Aught Six 12-06-2004 01:22 PM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
Mossy33oak, you did the right thing. To me ethics comes before trophies, and it's obvious your head was on straight when you came across that buck. It's too bad someone else had to wound him and let him go for you to clean up after.

I've had an unproductive season in MD so far. On opening day I spotted a big doe browsing along the edge of a field, but she walked into the state park bordering my spot a few minutes before legal shooting time. I didn't see any more deer that day, although a red fox trotted past me at 15 feet and came back along the same path a few minutes later. And just as the sun began to clear the tree tops a hawk flew right over my head and screamed so loud I felt my eardrums shudder.

The following Monday I had a shot at another doe in the same field just before dark...and missed. I measured the distance before I left, and she was at 70 yards when I figured she was at 50. The slug went just under her belly and into the hillside. [:@] I'm still kicking myself over that, but the season's not over yet.

Last Saturday I was back out there, sitting against a tree, freezing my butt off. My cousin and I decided to come in for breakfast just before 9:00 since we hadn't seen anything all morning. As we came through the gate between a hay field and a horse pasture, three does crossed the lane in a new development bordering the property about 150 or so yards away. My cousin waited until they entered the hay field and moved away from the houses before taking a shot at the bigger of the three. He dropped her where she stood with a sabot slug through both lungs at just over 100 yards. She dressed out at 84.5 lbs. I sneaked along the fence line going after the other two, but they made it into the park before I could get close enough with my smooth bore.

That evening, I was sitting behind some deadfall facing into the field next to the state park when I heard some brush cracking behind me. After a few moments a little doe jumped out of the treeline about 10 yards away. I grunted to try and stop her, but she just kept bounding off into the park. I heard some more noise, so I got ready, when all of the sudden a small animal jumped out and stopped in the field. It was about the size of a fat house cat, all black except for a small white throat patch. It didn't have a visible tail, and I didn't see any ears. I still don't know what it is, but I'm wondering if it might be a pet dog that got loose on the property. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a skunk, and it didn't make any noise except for the crunching leaves. I pulled up my binoculars, but it ran off in the direction it came from before I could aquire it.

Still not sure what it was, but whatever it is, the doe didn't seem to care for it. :(

I have yet to see any of the bucks that loiter around the property, but with the warm early fall, they haven't had to go very far for food. I'm still keeping my hopes up, and I'll be back in the woods ASAP.

121553 12-23-2004 03:16 PM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
Sorry guys, I couldn't connect with a bow as I had several easy oppurtunties but just blew it. I did manage to shoot a 3x3 mulie with a rifle the last weekened of the season but sorry it doesn't help the team out. Good luck guys, Bobby:(

Aught Six 12-27-2004 08:22 AM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
Hang in there, guys, it isn't over yet. I have four more full days of deer hunting left this year. I'm taking the rifle up to the Blue Ridge this weekend, and then it's back up to Maryland to finish off their shotgun season. Good luck to all!

Invented 01-02-2005 01:41 PM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
I was unable to contribute myself... passed on a few early this season and then never saw them again

all I got was a little buck that wasn't worth posting here

this is one of the worst seasons I have ever had. between the trespassing hunt club and their dogs the deer were all spooked and ran out of the area, it was a real headache to say the least

Aught Six 01-17-2005 09:48 AM

RE: team 11 "THE OUTLAWS"
Well, I didn't see a single deer the last few days on the season I went out.

this is one of the worst seasons I have ever had.
Yep. I had a great time being in the woods and getting a chance to relax, but as far as actually getting a deer, this one was pretty bad. :(

Anyone out there still hunting?

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