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Hip or back quiver

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Hip or back quiver

Old 04-14-2020, 07:55 AM
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Default Hip or back quiver

I do not care for the sideways quiver on my narrow crossbow so I am thinking about alternatives. So any of you fellows use a hip quiver or a back quiver for hunting? I am guessing that most guys here hunt out of blinds and do not worry much about attached quivers, but what about hunting on the move? Walking, stalking, crawling, etc. are hopefully in my future and I could use a few recommendations.
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Old 04-14-2020, 08:15 AM
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I find versatility in a hip quiver. If I'm in a treestand it clips to the rail. If I'm going on a long trek on rugged terrain I'll have a backpack and it attaches to that. Still got room to use a sling on the crossbow with a backpack. I usually clip the thing to my belt for shorter distances. Not sure how a back quiver would work with a climber on your back.
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Old 04-14-2020, 08:21 AM
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The last thing I want to deal with is a quiver hanging on my back or hip when I am cross bow hunting. When I hunted with a re curve I used a bow quiver. I now use a crossbow quiver, when I get to my stand I remove it since I am shooting out of widows in my stand, it only takes the throw of a lever and it slides off. For target practice I made a bolt holder out of PGC pipe and a PVC flange. The pipe is cut so the bolts stick out about 4 inches and the flange on the bottom makes it stable. My bow shop has them and I made mine myself, it was easy. If I wanted to, I could take the bolt holder into my stand.

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Old 04-14-2020, 09:06 AM
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For hunting on the move, I expect a back quiver is less noisy and more out of the way than one attached to your hip. I use a hip quiver for 3D. I have to hold it to keep it from flopping while I walk.
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Old 04-14-2020, 09:14 AM
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I strap my crossbow quiver onto my back pack. I don't like having the quiver on the bow.

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Old 04-14-2020, 10:47 AM
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what I used to do was I would just remove my quiver when at my stand, and or pending how far a hike in, due to I had two sling set ups on my X bows, one was the traditional sling, that went over one shoulder, IMO or only short walks and would leave quiver on,then remove once in stands and hang on a bow holder on side of tree out of my way, but still in reach just in case!

my second sling set up was two slings that held the X bow to my back, or pack with it not moving or bouncing as I walked, and due to this set up, I used to remove quiver and I added a loop and a quick snap clip like a carabiner hook.

this way I can get it on pack fast and easy and know its not falling off along a longer hike in!

I was never really one to want to try stalking game or crawling with an X bow, all my hunting with them has been stand hunting!

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Old 04-14-2020, 06:26 PM
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I have 10 point bows and used both depending on where and how I plan to hunt/ I have a bracket on my bows that turns the mount so it holds the quiver parallel to the stock. I have tried several back quivers and find them very awkward.
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Old 04-15-2020, 06:00 AM
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back quivers are unhandy and noisey, I have used hip quiver since around 1970, on and off easy,
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Old 04-15-2020, 06:52 AM
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Thanks for the information and opinions. The quiver would just be for carrying spare arrows (and of course the one I hope to shoot) as it is extremely doubtful if I would ever get a second shot off at game. I guess it would be possible to get a second shot with an arrow from a crossbow, but I have never had a second shot using a vertical bow and the crossbow takes vastly more time for me to cock and fire. It has been my experience that game does not hang around after the first shot.

All of the back quivers that I have seen so far are too long for a 20" crossbow arrow, the bow mounted quiver is awkward, and I had forgotten how much noise and movement come from walking with a hip quiver. I always use a small pack when stalking game so maybe I just need to attach something to it or put an arrow box inside of it.

Hunting from a blind or stand is a no-brainer, but crawling around in the sage or slipping through the aspen trees is different altogether.

Thanks again guys.
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Old 04-15-2020, 11:03 AM
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I use a bow quiver and hang it on my day pack and I can take it off during gun seasons.

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