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BOWHUNTERCOP 02-13-2020 04:39 PM

Just Got A New Toy At A Unbelievable Price !!!
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So I've been looking at a few different crossbows as I would like to have two in case of unforeseen issues. I had a few on my list without breaking the bank. So about a month ago I was looking at the Centerpoint 415 Amped which sells for on average of $379.00, just recently I found out that the 415 Amped is the same as the 415 Heat, and the 415 Patriot (Walmart Exclusive). Last week on some said the Patriot if found at a Walmart is being sold for $169.00 !!! I searched local Walmarts lastnight, and found that two stores each had one each. This morning I called each store and confirmed with them, so I went to the first Store, they searched the stock room and found nothing I asked the manger for a raincheck he said NO!!! I then headed 20 mins north to the second store same thing nothing in the stock room but the manger was more professional. Heading home I stopped for Bagels while eating I decided to check once more and only the Hamburg, PA store was showing they had it, showing 3 in stock......So I called and spoke to a young man by the name of Joe Sporting Goods Sales associate, he had me on hold for a few minutes and then told me sorry none in stock, ok thank you. So about 90 mins later while home watching TV my phone rings, It's Joe from the Hamburg Walmart....He spoke to the Manger and they searched the stock room and found one.....I'll be there within one hour please put my name on it......I get there, and meet up with Joe, and he and the manger went to get the crossbow !!!! What a deal, $179.14 with tax......12" axel to axel when cocked, a deal I couldn't pass up!!! Now I will replace the scope, and of course the bolts. The next day I called and spoke to the store's manger and praised Joe

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