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Best Crossbow for the Money


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Default Best Crossbow for the Money

Recently I have had injuries that created a situation where pulling back a traditional bow and holding it more than a few seconds is almost impossible. Crossbows have flooded the market the past several years, and you can find them from $300-$1500, with many differences that it is hard to keep track. I am just looking to see if I can get a little direction for a lower cost, but great shooting crossbow. I do not need a Vortex scope that costs more then my truck, but I do need to be accurate... any recommendations?

Please keep in mind the following:

Accuracy to 50 yards
Weight - shoulders have issues when holding a lot of weight up
ground hunting with stabilizer as well as from a tree stand
That company name does not matter, but quality does...
Will last me at least 10 years

Thanks all!
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Look into Wicked Ridge. Tenpoint makes them. They are good bows for the money.
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I would never BUY based on price tag alone

you really need to go see and shoot a bunch of possible X bow's
as many are mroe fitting to YOU< than others are
some will be easier to handle based on SIZE for you
reverse draw bow balance weight WAY better than standard X bows, but tend to cost a little more, or should say ain't no CHEAP priced one's as there are regular X box designed one's

NO X bow will last 10 yrs without a some things being replaced, there are wear and tear items on them, and safety requires them to be replaced!
Like STRINGS for one are almost a yearly deal, if you shoot them much, most all drag on the (barrel, where arrow rest while being launched)
and cause friction and wear and tear to them, IF you hunt a lot and follow instructions, as in NOT leaving a X Box cocked for days or even ALL day long!, this alone can me firing the bow twice a day for weeks, pending again how much you hunt!
that's a lot of shots on a HIGH tension string, so wear, some let things go farther than I do, but I replaced mine almost every season, they AIN"T that costly!

if you have injuries , keep in mind what type of loading device you wish to use, manual, or a hand crank one?
as , NOT all hand cracks are of same quality and or NOISE level

best advice when buying a X bow, is simply go to a GOOD bow shop that carry's a bunch of brands and go shot some and see what you like!

and heck, go to a few GOOD bow shops and see what all is out there, as fit to YOU matters
price tag alone doesn't ensure a X bow will fit you or you will like it at all!
they all work and are of decent quality., the higher end one's are just faster smaller, more user friendly, better features,and more comfortable at times to more shooters

safety is good on all them today, due to law suits, and fear of them!
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A hunting buddy just got one of the wicked ridge x-bows it is light fast and accurate and reasonable priced .
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I wrecked my shoulder 20 years ago and had it rebuilt when I was in the Army. I had been a bow hunter before that (had never killed one but that's another story). in 2002 I wanted to start hunting again and had access to a small piece of land where I could bow hunt so I got a waiver and bought a horton steelforce recurve bow online. Delivered to the house for $125. Came with 16 or 18 inch arrows and a very rudimentary red dot scope. I killed a couple dozen deer with that bow. Some very nice ones. put a lot of meat in the freezer. in 2012 I stepped up to a Parker Hornet extreme. That was a huge difference and I still use that bow. Today, I bought a Centerpoint sniper 370 and had it delivered to my brother since he wants to try xbow hunting . The options out there are tremendous. If you can go shoot some xbows, then do that, but if you can't, I would look at the reviews and just buy one, get it dialed in and hunt. After a couple years you will know if you need or want something more or different.

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Centerpoint 380 Tormentor
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Mission Sub 1 owner here . All I can say thing is incredibly accurate and well built. I really like being able to decock after hunting also. I took 3 deer with it last year best so far 67 yards standing up free hand. I do practice out to 70 yards here at my house.
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look at the wicked ridge crossbows made by ten point & i own 2 of them 1 is a invader & the other is a cl raider both have done their job & both of were under 500 each to purchase . excellant crossbows . give them a look
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I have a Wicked Ridge Invader and I'm very happy with it. Got it online through Wyvern Creations.
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