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tsj747 12-21-2018 10:15 AM

Scope Advice
Today I have the option of keeping the Hawke XB-30 Pro or shipping it back to TP for the Evo-X Marksman. Without having them side by side I won't be able to see the difference in them or which one that I prefer. Can anyone help me with this decision. Thanks!

Mihajlo Simsic 01-10-2019 01:35 AM

I found that the Hawke XB30 has poor peripherals when dealing with higher velocity crossbows, even at 40 yards all you're seeing is deer fur if you can find it. I'm also not a fan of the fact not all the reticles illuminate. If the Evo-X has a wider view then go for it. But imho, I would recommend the Lumix Speedring to anyone, for only $120 you get the best reticles I've ever seen and a very wide view angle.

smokepolehall 01-19-2019 05:10 PM

I also am not a fan of Hawke crossbow scopes. I just let my last one go on a crossbow i sold. Have not saw or looked through the latest Ten Pt. the reviews say some good things. I also think i will look at the new Tact 100 from Excal

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