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Should be a non issue. As another already posted most will already know you are unable to use a vertical bow.

I'd rather expect you'd be getting questions from those curious as to how well you like it vs the vertical bows you had in the past & the xbows performance. Those curious guys/gals are just something you have to expect. As Col. does not allow them for most, I expect few shops carry them as sales would be pretty low. So some of your fellow Col. hunters prolly have seen very few of them.

I hope you have a great hunting season. Your state is really a great one to hunt in.

I and my dad hunted Col. just north of Rifle for mulies some time back. We had a really great time. Along with the mulies we also were lucky to see elk & bighorn....great trip. Only thing shot besides mulies however was yotes......I got 3 of those which seemed to really please the heck out of the rancher who's land we were hunting.
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Real hunters won't say anything. I hunted for 28 years with a vertical bow and never said anything to guys using crossbows and now I have had to go to crossbow about six years ago due to health,the sad thing is that folks who talk crap about crossbows more then likely have never shot a crossbow and have no clue to how tuff it really is, basically one shot and your done not like a vert where you can nock another arrow really quick....Just wait one day these crossbow haters will have a life changing health issue where if they want to keep bow hunting they will have to use a crossbow if they still want to shoot arrows. And that's is what we call Karma.
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