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Looking for a new Crossbow

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Default Looking for a new Crossbow

I have shot a horton for the last 20 years - time to look for a new bow The horton was a hunter supreme 150 lb speed 235 - I would like a bow that makes less noise and might reach out to 30 yards Ideas
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Not sure on the noise aspect, as they are all pretty loud. I have gone with recurves (Excalibur and Kodabow) for simplicity and ability to work on them without a press, although recurves tend to be a bit louder in general than compounds. Most of the bows these days start at about 175 pound draw weight and push an arrow at 285 or so fps and up. It is generally considered that a deer at 30 yards or less doesn't have time to jump the string with these speeds even if they hear the sound before the arrow arrives. I have an Excalibur Ibex for sale if that is one you might be looking for.
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Compound = Camx
Recurve = Kodabow
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I bought a Ten point Stealth SS last year an I love it. The old saying " you get what you paid for " the quality and customer service is second to none. They also make wicked ridge crossbows, which are a little less expensive. That's my opion
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I bought a Barnett Vengeance last year. I also wanted one that was quieter than the traditional crossbow. I tried this one out because it claimed to be quieter because of the reverse limbs. It seems to be. It's the only one I have ever owned but my dad has shot one for years and the Vengeance is much quieter than his Jackyle. As far as shooting out to 30 yards, I have no problems with shooting out to 50 yards. It's rated, if i remember correctly, at 355 fps. That's pretty fast. I still have to shoot it through a chronograph to see for sure. I don't see all the big companies bragging the reverse limb crossbows up but I love mine. I shot a buck with it last season and it blew rite through the deer with no problem.
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Mission MXB320 won't break the Bank, its light n compact 320 fps usin 410gr arrows. I love mine lifetime warranty & its farly quiet fer a crossbow
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As you probably expected ... lots of makes and models are "favorites". And that is a good thing! Means that there is a wide range of good choices. I have experience with an older model top of the line Ten Point and 2009 vintage Parker Tornado. Both are great shooters ... fast, accurate, and dependable ... but neither is what I could call "quiet". I like the Parker better simply because of the way it fits me. Both are lethal on deer sized game well beyond 30 yards.
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I'm going to suggest you should look at the Scorpyd line of Xbows.

All of their bows they make are of the reverse draw type. All tend to be the fastest & lowest noise for the draw weight.

It seems little in life comes without some sort of drawback of some kind......and in the case of the Scorpyd bows they are among the more expensive.

I own and shoot a RDT 165 model and it's a 425 fps bow with 400 gr. arrows. This model was dropped when they came out with the new Velocity model last year. The Velocity has a no creep trigger that breaks at about 2 1/4 lbs. & a different rail, but uses the same limbs and riser as my bow. The Velocity also shoots at 425 fps.

I've shot a few other xbows & shot along side a few others & I know this much for sure, none, not one, of those other bows are nearly as quiet. They all also had higher poundage limbs that gave lower velocities than my RDT 165 gives.

Give the different Scorpyd models a good look they cost a bit more but are well worth every dollar.
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I can suggest the Carbon Express Intercept Axon. I've had a Ten Point and also a Horton. I was happy with them all! I sold the TP only because the bow was a recurve and too wide. I am shooting my Horton Vision and have taken many deer.
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Unless you are in rush you may want to wait a bit. Early in the new year there may be alot of new options available to you.
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