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Wisconsin's new xbow season for all hunters

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Wisconsin's new xbow season for all hunters

Old 01-08-2014, 01:54 AM
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hehe, read my reviews
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Old 01-09-2014, 04:43 PM
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Here is what I saw in Alabama as a result of opening cross bow hunting to all comers. Prior to limiting the use of the crossbow to only those who were physically challenged (required a doctor's evaluation), of the group with whom I hunt, 5 of us were avid bow hunters. After ... the group added 7 crossbow hunters. Of these I suspect only 1 might have eventually taken up archery hunting.

Interestingly enough those 7 that went off and bought the gear, some spending well over $1000, were all enthusiastic about being able to extend their season about 6 weeks, and had visions of loading the freezer with deer that had not yet been pressured by the gun hunters. And because they all could soon drive a bolt thouth a 2" circle at 50 yards, figured that they were good to go out to ast least that far. What was it Gomer Pyle used to say... "Surprise, surprise, surprise!". Just did not happen that way and 2 already have called it more or less a day.
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Old 01-30-2014, 06:46 AM
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I live in WI. I anticipate the only affect the new law will have is to increase the number of hunters very minimally. We are losing hunter numbers every year. That is not a good thing for us as hunters. Some of course, will be worried that another hunter will shoot an animal they could of had. Such is the nature of hunters, and perhaps more so with deer hunters. Having lived in WI most of my life, I witnessed the struggle to finally legalize non-resident trapping. Many of the trappers predicted our borders would be bombarded with out of state trappers. They espoused the view point that those out of state trappers would ignore all the laws and end trapping here forever. I knew then that those predictions would be wrong. Jealousy is a very bad thing for us as consumptive users of the outdoors. Be it bow hunter, gun hunter, dog hunter, trapper, there is room for us all. We must band together. Other hunters are not the enemy.
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Old 02-08-2014, 10:49 AM
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I'll add this to a earlier post.

While I bought the xbow to extend my options a bit when going out to hunt I've found that I really like the bow I bought a lot.

As has been pointed out a xbow is much easier to learn to shoot than a verticle bow..........at least to do so really well.

I bought my bow, sighted it in quick & with only a couple practice sessions went hunting. Now I read with interest how that did not work out well for some fellas at a club of hunters & 2/7 have already given it up. LOL, but perhaps these 7 guys weren't much as hunters to start with. Or perhaps I'm just lucky. I shot a pair of doe the first year & called it a season (both at very close range, under 20 yds, as I didn't trust myself or the bow beyond that). A bad back injury ended ALL my hunting this past fall before it got started.....so took no game of any sort.

BUT earlier last year, during the summer, I found I rather like shooting xbow just at targets for fun.....I guess I should have expected to, but had not, even though I enjoy shooting target sometimes with my various guns. I shot my xbow hundreds of times at ranges from 20 yds to 80 yds & had a heck of a good time with it.

I know for a fact that I'm going to be out shooting extensively again come spring. I've things I wish to learn about this weapon yet.

I hope those in Wi come to find that within just 5-6 yrs this xbow thing that some there fear is going to turn into a non issue. There will be some gun hunters like me who will try it, like it, and continue with it........some will drop out fast after trying the new toy & not being excited about it.

There will also be some younger hunters in the woods, that would other wise never have become archers, meaning vertical archers & I think that's a good thing.

There will be a retention of older archery hunters, that rather than put away bows they can no longer use (or shoot as well), will convert to xbow & keep on hunting. Some older gun hunters, tired of recoil, or just with more time in retirement will take up xbows. Add a few more, who have mild joint or other medical issues, but who did not wish to jump through a ton of hoops........only to yet have others look at them with contempt. All these are good things, for the sport & them.

Biggest change is going to come within the archers of the state you already have. Talking about the 16-50 yr olds, not older or younger archers. Some won't even try xbows, but some will change over to them, in part or fully. The majority of those who change over fully, will be among those who were never highly skilled with a vertical bow to start with. Those who you hear most often saying, "Yeah, I stuck one last weekend but never found it." If the xbow makes it possible for this group to cleanly kill game in humane manner then that is a BIG gain.

I know this much for sure. I've never lost a deer badly wounded & wasted when hunting, & don't expect this to change due to my xbow. I also know that I've a STRONG CONTEMPT for those who do so time after time. So for me, I'm glad as can be to see some convert to the xbow who badly need a skills gain. Perhaps in some cases it will help, though I've no illusion that it will in all cases.

I know several hunters in Ohio, who hunt with the xbow along with other weapons. And from them, I hear that they see NO difference at all in deer numbers where they hunt there, nor in Mi prior to Mi passing full inclusion for xbow. And in fact see no difference now.

The myth of the xbow killing huge numbers of deer over traditional archery gear is just that......a myth.

I hope Wi. hunters come to embrace the xbow as so many in all the other xbow states are doing. It's another great way to have fun be it in target shooting or hunting.
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Old 02-08-2014, 11:20 AM
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Up here in Vermont, they have discussed the possibility of making crossbows legal. A little mixed emotions from myself. I'm also worried that the woods will get crowded, but would feel good if my daughters would take up bow hunting. I purchased a new crossbow last year when I went to Ohio for a week long bow hunting trip. I shot a 6 pointer. Not the biggest but loved the idea of shooting a deer with a new style of weapon. I bought the Barnett Vengeance. Super bow, much quieter then the standard crossbow, and very fast (350 fps). $700 on ebay and the archery shop wanted $900.
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Old 02-10-2014, 05:38 AM
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It will run concurrent with the bowhunting season for the first two years and then the DNR will have usage and success rate data and be able to regulate the crossbow season seperate from the bowhunting season. Should the kill rate be very high for crossbowers, the DNR will be able toa djust the start date and season duration without impacting the bowhunting season.
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