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Ohboy 08-18-2011 05:27 AM

Question, youth crossbow?
i have a 7 1/2yr old son that wants to start bow hunting and really wants a bow but i dont think he can pull a compund bow back yet so I was thinking about looking into a crossbow for him. I have never been into crossbows so its new to me. what do yall recommend i should look at for him? I dont want to buy the most expensive one on the market, but a good crossbow for the money, remember its for a 7yr old.

Ohboy 08-18-2011 05:42 AM

at dicks sporting goods i found a Horton Scout HD 125 for $299.99. any good? like i said i know nothing about crossbows, especially for youth, and i will be the one who is pulling it back & loading it for him, he just needs to be able to hold it and shoot it.

awshucks 08-19-2011 04:17 PM

I bought my kid a discontinued model Excal Vixen. It's all tan, has full lifetime factory warranty, never needs to go to bow monkey, paid $350 for it.

check Ebay and call Danny Miller after w/e at [740] 483-2312.

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