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ShortBolt 02-25-2010 05:48 AM

Scope or not to Scope
I've shot a compound bow for years with a pin and a peep sight. Is it really necessary to put a scope on a crossbow or can it be shot accurately with a peep and pins?

Dnk 02-25-2010 05:55 AM

It certainly isn't necessary but it is nice for precision. I know quite a few people that do without a scope (and do well on deer to 30 yards) but almost everyone does use one. You should try using a pin and peep in low light to see if you need it or not.

mr.mc54 02-25-2010 06:50 AM

I agree, it isn't a must but it sure is nice in low light. I have a Tru-Glow (red dot) with three pins on it and it works great for me. I have killed many deer with it, ( the red dot ) in low light conditions where I would have had trouble with out it.

Tenpoint TL-9 02-25-2010 03:45 PM

I use a Tasco 2.5-10x50mm Mil-Dot rifle scope so I can see good on cloudy days and low light conditions. I like to use 3 power to hunt with and I can turn it up to 10 power to see if a buck is legal to shoot instead of using bios. Try open sights before archery season to see if you like that way to go so you still have time to put a scope on and sight it in.

Huntr2 02-25-2010 06:00 PM

Scopes are great and are very easy to get used to.

Mojotex 02-28-2010 05:24 PM

With my age, old eyes and frankly I am not as steady at 60+ as I was a 20 something .... every little bit helps. I had to go to a X-Bow 2008 due to a badly injured shoulder. The one I bought has a scope with a lighted 3-dot system. It works great for me.

Ron1324 03-02-2010 10:53 AM

Help me out, I am going to Colarado this year, and need some good sights for my horton crossbow. I can't use my scope or any sight that has a light or electronics in it. I need some kind of good pin and peep sight or other suggestions. thanks.

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