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Huntr2 12-21-2009 05:40 PM

I see the new Parkers are starting to let out information. The Tornado is about 2.5 inches wider and the Cyclone has been shortened and shoots about 10 fps slower due to the changes. A new camo has been added also I see from reading the article on another site.

coyote170 12-21-2009 06:31 PM

:violin:I had heard that last week,thanks for the info.:biggrin:

DaGriz 12-22-2009 03:15 AM


You have to remember, you just can't fix stupid, no matter how hard you try! ;)

coyote170 12-22-2009 03:32 AM

:hit:Sorry I forgot myself for a second:bash:

Cossack 12-22-2009 03:56 PM

You been gleaning the sites for "experience" again, eh whatsyourname? The Parker fans already know that. But since you're not one of them, why bother to post, dufus?

public hunter09 12-30-2009 06:00 AM

hi guys thinking of geting a parker corssbow for next year are they good or the hortens thanks:party0005:

Huntr2 12-30-2009 06:49 AM

Most would say Parkers are better.

smokepolehall 12-30-2009 07:40 AM

Having never owned either one! I would say the Va. built Parker would be much better than the China built Dorton! :D

smokepolehall 12-30-2009 07:50 AM

Look for an alum rail less trouble than plastic rail decks. Alum. rail doesn't warp & they are quality, myself i just don't want any CB with a plastic rail!

briarpatch 04-14-2010 10:31 AM

I own a 2009 Parker Tornado...have had no problems with's fast, accurate, well-balanced, deadly...what more do you need?

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