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need advice

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Default need advice

trying to decide between ten point or excalibur for hunting.any pros or cons would be helpful .thanks
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Default RE: need advice

I have one of each and either one would be a good choice!
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Default RE: need advice

WELCOME mdsharp!

You couldn't go wrong with either company. You need to choose based on your hunting preferences, stature and strength. The best advice I could offer would be to listen to the folks on these forums and not just one salesperson. Then go shoot some to see how they feel.Good luck!
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Default RE: need advice

I recently purchased a Ten Point Phantom and so far I really like it but what I like most is Ten Points customer service ...I had an issue with the dealer I bought it from (a few things missing in the package) and 10 Point took the bull by the horns and got it all worked out for me ...I appreciate good service.

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Default RE: need advice

ORIGINAL: mdsharp

trying to decide between ten point or excalibur for hunting.any pros or cons would be helpful .thanks
You won't be able to make a choice based on customer service, both companies are top shelf. I'm limited to a recurve style for offhand shooting and got an Excal prior to 10 pt making recurves, so that's the brand I'm most familiar w/ and loyal to.
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Default RE: need advice

Both companies make great cossbows, both companies have terrific customer service, both make recurve crossbows, both are super accurate, both have great triggers. Excal does not make compound crossbows,Ten Point does. TenPoint has anti dry and automatic safety features incorporated in their trigger assemblies, Excal does not.Excalscome as a bare bow and the accessory package ("Right Stuff")is an addedcost. TenPoint usually come as a package deal, but you can buy a bare bowalso.You should shoot a couple of models from each Manufacturer and see which one feels best to you. It comes down to personal preference and which one fits you best.
The TenPoint anti dry fire feature is a real plus as you can not fire the bow with out an arrow in it! Other than that you can't go wrong with either one!
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Default RE: need advice

you just have to handle them both, any and all models. they are like a pr. of shoes try them on til you find the one style/model you like.
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Default RE: need advice

You can let a Excalibur down without shooting it, by using the rope cocker. And change the string in the field if need be. No can do with TP.
Both great bows. Great companies Can't go wrong with either. I shoot both a compound and 2 recurves, if I had to choose only one it would be the Excalibur Vortex.
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Default RE: need advice

If you go with the Tenpoint recurve you can do the same field swap on the string, but you have the anti dryfire and automatic safety which is a nice addition...besides, if you check and maintain your equipment regularly you dont need to do too many field repairs anyway...Recurves are lighter and easier to work on, but they tend to be louder and slower than a compound of equal poundage and they are alot wider which depending on where you hunt may be a big factor

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Default RE: need advice

Another thought, a recurve is always wider than a compound bow for the same poundage. So it depends on where and how you plan to hunt. Tenpoint sales a couple of crossbows that can be either a compound or a recurve. Use as a backup or different kinds of hunting or fishing.

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