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Broad Heads

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Default RE: Broad Heads


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Ok if yall want to joke about it. Shoot a slick trick at a barrel and look at the aftermath, then shoot a mechanical at it. It wont go through the barrel and it will look likea mangled piece of metal when it comes out. SO

yeah, but mechanical broadheadsarent designed to go through a steel barrel, or my vehicle, or a concrete wall,they're designed to do as much damage as is possible passing through soft tissue while maintaining a high level of accuracy during flight,and in that regaurdmost do an excellent job

like alot of guys, I dont hold much value with a broadheads ability to withstand being shot through a steel barrel(or any other extremely solid object), it has absolutely no relevance to what it was actuallydesigned for, which is hunting/passing through soft tissue, I could shoot a field point through a steel barrel too and it would probably come out virtually undamaged, that doesnt make it a good broadhead...

neither do Ijudgean arrows ability to hold up to damage in a test like that, like broadheads, its an unfair test that takes the arrow out of the realm of its design,you cantjudge its success/failure based on that...

if you take a SPITFIRE and open theblades,shoot it at steelbarrel, it will go thru it.

i did it by mistake, i shot thru a bale of hay and arrow went into barrel we had full of waternear my shed.

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Default RE: Broad Heads

if you are like me, only shoot behind shoulder BROADSIDE,spitfire is great point and only what i use.

if only we would all take a broadside shot and let buck walk if not , i would bet we would not hear a story on wounded buck.
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Default RE: Broad Heads

I use the G5 Montec 100grn but am looking into the excalibur 150grn boltcutters
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