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Fork Horn
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Default Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

I read the poston similartopic and I apologize for any duplications.

My Ten Point Titan Crossbow came with three aluminum Easton 2219/XX75 bolts. They took a beating this weekend. I took a doe on Saturday and she rolled over one of them rendering it useless. The second bolt hit a soft spot on my target bag and the fletching ripped. I am left with one remaining bolt. I was planning to purchase carbon (recommended 22/64), but want to wait until season is over. Now that I only have on functional bolt, should I make the change now? A few questions:

1) If I change now, will the flight path change significantly (like changing a bullet?) and need to re-zero. I"d hate to do this in the middle of archery season and have to spend time zeroing ion the bow.

2)Is Carbon seemsto be twice the price - is it worth it?

3) I checked www.bowhunterssuperstore.com and could not fine the carbon bolts that Ten point recommends. Any other retail recommendations?

4) Does Aluminum offer better penetration than carbon?
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

probably will need to re sight your bow a little because I had to and no you will not get anymore penetration unless you shoot a heavier arrow. Not sure if there worth the price but cabelas sells the tenpoint arrows. Probably find them cheaper if you google it.
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Default RE: Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

Awshucks knows alot about ten point arrows, at least more then me and most. But I remember him helping someone once with them and they talked the Ten point carbons are basically Gold Tip Laser II arrows but with a plastic rear insert and not aluminum. I cant remember if the plastic makes them lighter or heavier. They talked liked the gold tips are a good choice for Tens as most are. I like carbons cause they last alot longer then aluminum for me. I always bend aluminum from me pulling arrows during target practice, carbons always stay straight. Some guys worry about carbon shattering and injuring hands, and it does happen, but I always check them and have not had a problem yet to date and it is rare enough that there are other things to worry about IMO, nock on wood.I think penetration comes from total weight not material for the most part and all CB arrows arein the 430 range with tip and work just fine.I like carbon's and have great luck with them, but alot of guys have aluminum and are just ashappy. And yes, you will need tocheck your sightsthey can and willbe different and it only takes ten minuets. Keep us up to date on what you do.
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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

I found I distroy aluminum,thats one reason I don't shoot my Bow much as I should.And find it not worth shooting Turkeys with it.

Tell us how they work.

big rockpile
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

I have both the Ten Point carbon's and the Miller killers(gold tip)and the only dif is the plastic over alum nock and of course one say tenpoint and the other says gold tip and yes I have shot them in both CB's.I wish the tenpoint had the alum nocks But you know what I say.......IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT........
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Default RE: Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

OK Ten Pt. And EXcals old GTII's are were the same. Ten has plastic rear flat nok wt.11 grs. Millers Killers use alun. rear flat nok and brass front insert. You can buy power bolts from BHSS fer abot $52 a dz. plus shipping. The alum. if you do the fletching are cheaper per dz. but not by much. If i was going to carbons now is the time and will take you 30 min. to resight in!Lets do it!
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Giant Nontypical
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Default RE: Ten Point Titan Crossbow - Carbon vs. Aluminum Bolts

I tried both,its rare for me to bend a xx75 2219 and I can straiten them so I dont consider that a problem,if a deer goes down on one they break just like the carbon does if you shoot a lighter arrow you lose penatration so dispite all hipe about carbon arrows thay are not as strait as aluminium I compared two doz. to find that out,and they cost twice as much so I think its money wasted to shoot carbon al;so the FOCis different and if you dont compensate they wont group as well. Lee
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