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Planter 10-12-2007 12:20 PM

Couple of questions....
I love those earth scented wafers and dry and store myclothes with them. How do we know that they smell like dirt to a deer just because they do to us.???

I love using scentsand have always had great or at least good luck with them. I don't however usually use them this early. If you were to use a scent I figure I don't want a full rut scent but maybe an immature buck scent or a dominant buck scent?I know every deer in the country has smelled tinks so I use James Valley because it's harder to find so I figure the deer have neversmelled it. Are there any even more obscure brands out there????

Does a rattle bag really sound like antlers or does it sound like a bag full of sticks?

I'm sorry.. I've been napping and my season is still not open.... ARG, I'm losing my mind.

smokepolehall 10-12-2007 12:26 PM

RE: Couple of questions....
Planter, its fall wake up from dreaming. Scents and rattle bags can be used to good advantage if done right. I just let all my clothing hang over nite outside but under something so dew won't get them wet. I have had only 2 Bucks to come to my rattling in 45 years. Usually there are so many Doe's where i hunt Bucks don't have to fight fer them.[:o]

bowfisherman 10-12-2007 06:18 PM

RE: Couple of questions....
I love those dirt scent wafers. I keep them with my clothes in a tupperware container. Rattle bags sound great! I love using them pre rut. I have brought in many little bucks and one big one. Never killed one using it but it does work. Killed a few using grunt calls. I learned the hard way about doe in heat scent too early a few years back. Had a buck come in and it spooked him real bad. He got out of there quick with his head down. The bucks in my woods were making scrapes, rubbing, and sparring in mid september this year so I wasn't afraid to make a mock scrape. I used active scrape which is doe in heat and buck urine mixed. The one I shot yesterday was checking it out.

BuddyBo 10-12-2007 08:26 PM

RE: Couple of questions....
Planter, I've never had much luck with any kind of scents and I've tried them all. I've done much better just keeping clean and not putting any scent down of any kind so they will feel normal in my area. I'm sure scents work for some and in certain conditions and certain areas, just not in mine. Anyway, I think the rattle bags sound just like a bag of hard sticks. Not like any antlers I've heard. They are easier to carry, so hunters like that, but the manufacturers love to sell them. Stick with real antlers.
Oh, and the only scent I use now, is scent killer. LOL.

ranger56528 10-12-2007 08:37 PM

RE: Couple of questions....
I use them to but my biggest thing is I put dirt and leaves from the area I hunt in the bottom of my tote that I put all my hunting cloths in seems to work for me......

two guns 10-12-2007 10:31 PM

RE: Couple of questions....
I, like another has posted, store my bags in leaves taken from the area I hunt.
And also, hang 'em outside under my shed& let the natural air go threw it. I never try to wear / or storage my hunting clothes in the house. They are to many household scents, cooking smells, cleaning chemicals etc, that the smell will get into your clothes, then you will be wearing shirts that will smell like you eat pork chops / chicken / eggs / bacon >>> and your wife washed the dishes with Dawn or Flower Scent soap.
Talking about scents, for years I used # 69 Tinks, and it has given me pretty good luck if you use it at the right time. BUT *** Two years ago I found the best scent, it's freeze dried, all you do is adda little water as directed,and works better than any other I have ever used. And the great thing about freeze dried, it NEVER goes bad. NEVER !!!!!
Even started a few hunting buddies on it and they swear that this is the stuff.
It's called >>> Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures, made STRICTLY from true uriene and doe in heat estris >>> Look 'em up on the web, and try it, you will not be disatified at all ... This product really works !!!!!! AND STICK WITH THE REAL HORNS FOR RATTLE <<<<<<<<<

Planter 10-13-2007 07:09 AM

RE: Couple of questions....
I hunt very clean and bag everything in plastic after a good scent free wash and a day hanging in the back 40. I wear coveralls alot and they don't go on until I reach the stand area and the clothes I walk out in are scent free too and always wear clean rubber boots.

I have used real antler rattles and more than one kind of bag with just about zippo reactions. Sounds like a bag of sticks to me and yourright about lugging a matching set of horns into the woods. Like my excal does not hang up in the brush enough...

Scents have worked for me ( or at least I think they have ) so maybe I will try Mrs Doe Pee but gonna wait a week or twob4 using any estrus stuff..Although it might lure in a YOUNG unsuspecting buck which are one of my favorite.

This is all BULL%$&% as my bow season doesn't even open untill monday.

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