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Another copy cat product??

Old 03-19-2007, 04:17 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default Another copy cat product??

Anyone seen the new xbow scope brought out by TruGlow?? Has the same features as the V-zone/Lumizone down to the speed dial for adj poi. It has a 32 mm objective vs. 40 mm and is priced at $199 vs $119.95.
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Old 03-20-2007, 04:58 AM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

Is true glow a decent company? Is there a chance they actually made a better scope than the Vari-Zone? Duplicating something as unreliable (in my opinion) as the Vari-Zone would be a poor business move, unless they actually made the thing better. $199 for a copy would be pathetic, but for one that works, and continues to work it is a fair price..
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Old 03-20-2007, 06:36 AM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

As far as I know they are a reputable company. I gotta take issue w/ the V-zone being unreliable in your opinion, which I do respect. Granted they are on the economical end of the scale, but they are made for hunting and primarily used for whitetail hunting. I'll also admit they leave alot to be desired as a target scope, lol. There are a gazillion of them out there in xbow land, cost less than $100, and have a lifetime warranty. Even with a few of them having problems, they are hard to beat for the price and intended purpose. I left my xbow w/ V-zone sitting out under a camper in La in August overnight and the dew had it soaked the next a.m. Never fogged or any other problems and that was a wonderful opportunity.

I'm betting the new Lumizones are better yet due to the electronics inside them.
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Old 03-20-2007, 07:09 AM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??
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Old 03-20-2007, 07:34 AM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

Pydpiper,Since I have been considering buying one I would like to know what you find wrong with them. I have been using a regular low power [2x] for about 10 years and never missed orwounded and lost any animal out of 28 deer,3 hogs and a bear.I would sure hate to spoil that record because I bought some thing that was not reliable. Lee
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Old 03-20-2007, 08:04 AM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

Well one of my turrets came loose and the occular ring came off so far. They still are great for the money. Some one I know bought a True Glow in January (I think) and thinks its pretty good. Do a search in the Excal forum Lee. I wouldn't term it serial but the Excal screws up often enough to be a pain but again the price makes it almost worth it. Only problem with me is that all of my rifle optics are so good that I cannot stand using the Varizone. The best part of the Varizone is the lifetime warranty. Its sort of like an admission that they know it isn't perfect but they'll look after them. Can't beat that!
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Old 03-20-2007, 10:38 AM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

My problem seems to be a rare one, but I had one that had a habit of jumping out a bit. Every now and then it would shoot a couple inces off from where I had it set. Excalibur replaced it instantly.
It's not the two inches that bothers me, it is the fact that no matter how much precision I put into my arrow building that I just don't have the confidence in it I should. Once bitten, twice shy as they say. Like Awshuks says, it is intended for whitetail hunting, and even my defective one would have done that job very well. I don't think most people would notice the minor variation I had, but at the time this happened I was shooting this bow so many times each day my arms were getting sore.
Don't let my opinion stop you from buying one, it is an excellent scope for the price. I had a poor experience once and that will unfortunatly affect my judgement every time I pick up my crossbow.
Another thing to keep in mind is what DNK says, it has a lifetime warranty, it's not a gamble to buy one.
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Old 03-20-2007, 12:03 PM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

They are fine CB scopes for hunting and are great for the price. I agree with Dan about the quarter inch adjustments, kinda coarse but OK for hunting. I thought it was fine a first, but sometimes I do think of what Don says about the low light when I am out until the last minute, sometimes I strain to see but I get by. Will also admit I never had any of these thoughts until I started shooting with a friend. He has Leupold on all his guns and they can ruin a guy real quick!! LOL!
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Old 03-20-2007, 02:40 PM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

I've got 4 (was 5) xbows all with scopes. Several Excal scopes and 1 Tenpoint scope. I had a new in box Excal scope come loose inside. The crosshairs were off axis to the top and side adjustment. Bump the scope a little like from a shot and it would go from bad to good or back bad. Exchanged it as the store I got it from and never had any other issues. I have pretty much hunted 90% with the Tenpoint and Tenpoint scope. Rain,dry, hot, and cold and a lot of moving around and it's performed 100%. It's the Proview one with red/green dots.

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Old 03-20-2007, 05:11 PM
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Default RE: Another copy cat product??

I can totally understand what I beliee the thinking of Excalibur in thier choice of scope for their bow. Yes the high priced scopes are clearer and gather in more light in lower light conditions, but this is for a crossbow and their 3-40 yard range, not 100-300 yards. I can see paying all that extra money for a scope that is clearer when reaching out 200 yards or more, but for 30 yards, paying anextra $300 on a scope, for what?

As for gathering more light, when I can't see enough light through my scope, it is already past or too early for legal shooting time (1/2 hour after sunset, or 1/2 hour before sunise). Again, why pay all that extra money for a scope when it is not actually required for good use. Most of us, would prefur to use quality equipment but for as little of money as possible. What is see is that Excalibur (other companies probually operate under same thoughts) decided to offer a quality scope, one more then sufficent for the job but still at a more then reasonable prce.

Not saying that you have to rely on what they offer, or that it is wrong to put those higher priced, higher quality scopes on your bow, only that the buyers market out there would be more inclined towards the ones they offer.
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