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Crossbow Haters

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"this is me whippen crossbow hunters hind parts lol"

Whatever, doesn't bother me, enjoy yourself.
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You can add my name to that list.

Originally Posted by Rebel Hog
The below signed organizations and bowhunting-related businesses have joined the National Bowhunting Summit conferees in believing that, in order to preserve the integrity of bowhunting, it is vital that crossbows not be permitted in bow seasons or archery-only hunting areas.

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen
Alaskan Bowhunters Association
Alberta Bowhunters Association
Alberta Traditional Bowhunters
Archery Big Bucks of Missouri
Archery Past (OR)
Association of Traditional Hunting Archers
Bayou State Bowhunters (LA)
Bob"ôs Archery Sales (CO)
Bowhunting Council of Oklahoma
Bowhunters of Alabama
Bowhunters of Wyoming
Carolina Traditional Archers
Colorado Bowhunters Association
Compton Traditional Bowhunters
Georgia Bowhunters Association
Green Mountain Traditional Bowhunters
Horse Creek Traditional Archery Club (FL)
Idaho State Bowhunters
Idaho Traditional Bowhunters
Illinois Bowhunters Society
Indiana Bowhunters Association
Iowa Bowhunters Association
Iowa Traditional Bowhunters Society
Kansas Bowhunters Association
Lone Star Bowhunters Association (TX)
Maine Bowhunters Association
Maine Traditional Archers
Maryland Bowhunters Society
Massachusetts Bowhunters Association
Michigan Bow Hunters Association
Michigan Traditional Bowhunters
Minnesota Bowhunters, Inc.
Mississippi Bowhunters Association
Missouri Bow Hunters Association
Montana Bowhunters Association
Nebraska Bowhunters Association
Nebraska Traditional Archers
New York Bowhunters, Inc.
North Carolina Bowhunters Association
North Dakota Bowhunters Association
Northern Bowhunters Association (AB)
Ohio Bowhunters Association
Oregon Bow Hunters
Pennyslvania Association of Traditional Hunting Archers
Pope and Young Club
Professional Bowhunters Society
South Carolina Bowhunters Association
South Dakota Bowhunters, Inc.
Suburban Whitetail Management of North Georgia
Suncoast Archers, Inc. (FL)
Tallahassee Bowhunters Association (FL)
Traditional Bowhunters of California
Traditional Bowhunter Magazine
Traditional Archers of New Jersey
Traditional Archers of Oregon
Traditional Bowhunters of Florida
Traditional Bowhunters of Georgia
Traditional Bowhunters of Montana
Traditional Bowhunters of Washington
United Bowhunters of Connecticut
United Bowhunters of Illinois
United Bowhunters of Kentucky
United Bowhunters of Missouri
United Bowhunters of New Jersey
United Bowhunters Pennsylvania
Virginia Bowhunters Association
Wakulla Archery Club (FL)
Washington State Bowhunters
Washington State Archery Association
West Virginia Bowhunters Association
Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
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Riddle me this x-arrow gun shooters. Why not make the whole hunting season, "weapon of choice". Guns, selfbows, spears, whatever you want. Even an arrow gun
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Originally Posted by bigcountry
Riddle me this x-arrow gun shooters. Why not make the whole hunting season, "weapon of choice". Guns, selfbows, spears, whatever you want. Even an arrow gun
Funny. You come here to spew vitriole and hate. But load up your signature with Bible verses.

Bad Christian.

Good Hypocrite.

Carry on.
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Originally Posted by ezmoover
Funny. You come here to spew vitriole and hate. But load up your signature with Bible verses.
Is there tolorence in the bible? Apperently not in yours!!
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I find it amazing how old vertical hunters turn into the most ardent crossbow supporters once they can no longer draw back their bow.

Their disapproval list can go on and on but the states just keep opening up to crossbows and their owners wallets.

The DNR doesn't care about v-bow versus x-bow, they care about the greenback. If they don't sell enough tags they won't be able to keep their jobs. Period.
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Originally Posted by awshucks
Obviously you didn't read the rules for posting in this section, you may want to do so.

Hint: ain't allowed.

Seems that 75% of this entire topic is a violation of the forum rules... 8, 10, 12 & 13 just to name a few.... how about closing it and moving on!
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i'm not a hater of someone's preferred way to hunt - to each their own as long as it's legal. i'm not going to argue to the point of trying to make a hater into a liker - if they don't like a certain way you probably won't be able to change their mind. whether it makes aiming/shooting a little easier or harder is that persons choice, as long as it's legal. i'm so glad i live in ohio because the way it is set up here everyone who hunts here has an equal chance/opportunity. there's no argueing on having special or separate seasons for horizontal and vertical bowhunters. (the next arguement you guys will have on that is why is their season first or why do they get the better time frame of the hunting season) there is arguement of slob/careless hunters - well people/fellow hunters there are slob/careless hunters in every way of hunting. i'm sure alot of it is from first year hunters making mistakes,(we've all been there). there's also the uneducated(not being taught/shown by experienced hunters). and then there are those few that just don't care or poach. ohio has an excellent deer management program. if your state has low deer numbers, it's not really the hunters fault - it's your states deer management mainly because they are the ones that figure out how many deer they'll let you kill. IMO - i think ohio should be a role model state(hunting related) for all the other states!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by bigcountry
Riddle me this x-arrow gun shooters. Why not make the whole hunting season, "weapon of choice". Guns, selfbows, spears, whatever you want. Even an arrow gun
I have no idea what an arrow gun is, but if it were legal I would sure be in line to try one!
However, for the rest of your masterminded riddle, I don't think I would want to be in the woods geared for an archery hunt if there were hunters with guns out there too. I like the way it is handled where I live, we have a long archery season that has three small interruptions for shotgun hunters to pass through. However, when the shotguns come out the archers have to vacate the bush.
I guess to answer your riddle I would say the downfall to mixing bows with guns is a safety issue, I could explain the difference between a bullet and an arrow, but I know that if you were capable of comprehending the answer you would never have asked the question in the first place.
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Originally Posted by sproulman
you are right to a point..a recurve and compound bow takes skill to shoot..crossbow does, crossbow puts more hunters in woods that would never be there in archery because they did not have time, skill, health or interestto shoot a recurve..THIS IS ONLY REASON THEY WANT CROSSBOWS BANNED IN THEIR SEASON..

hope this helps on REAL REASON..
I disagree with your opinion. I have shot both and the new compounds use very little skill. the ONLY advantage of the crossbow is it is ready to fire and you don't have to draw when your shot presents its-self! If you want to talk about skill-try shooting a longbow instinctively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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