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Planter 06-29-2006 06:30 PM

Why Wheels?
I was justglancing with love at my Pheonix and a couple of thoughts came to mind. I understand the advantages of cams and wheels on my Hoyt but what are the supposed advantages of a compoundcrossbow? It's not like let-off is an issue althoughI would think that a lighter let-off would allow for a lighter trigger pull. Does a 65# pull longbow shoot as flat as a 65# pull compound? The recurve is just so simple.Is it theaxle lengthcause I know I won't be sneaking thru the woods with the Excalibur. It's as wide as my wife.

htoler 06-29-2006 11:00 PM

RE: Why Wheels?
you done listed a couple of advantages ,, I will leave this can of worms for the other guys,, it ought to spark a heated debate..

kevin1 06-30-2006 06:41 AM

RE: Why Wheels?
Too many moving parts make me worry , neither of mine have training wheels .

smokepolehall 06-30-2006 07:44 AM

RE: Why Wheels?
Training wheels, thats a good one. You have the best, all those wheels and cables don't add anything but worries. Do i hear my Maytag running?:D

Hotburn76 06-30-2006 08:03 AM

RE: Why Wheels?
It was fun to read at first but you excal guys are running it in the ground. As you said if you want to drag something as wide as your wife, I see you respect her as much as other crossbows then a recurve is the way to go. And and you get more FPS per pound with wheels then you then you do with recurve. My super max shoots 325 with 175 pound pull, a 175 pound pull pheonix only shoots at 305. So if you like going wider and slower for the draw weight then ya embrace your millennia old technology. Sure the Euromax goes 350 fps buy the sales ad, but alot a good a wide illegal CB would do me in Ohio since alot of states have a 200# restriction. Most of us horton guys (me and the tree rat) realized it was pointless to debate the mighty excal hence the lacking post, looks like htoler is realizing it to he knows his ten point is good. If you need constant self gratification I think excal has a scratch your own back forum. I just don't kown what I am going to do when I need to change my string while in the stand[:o] Sorry htoler, I have been just sitting back watching a few of you guys do all the arguing with this crowd.

htoler 06-30-2006 09:58 AM

RE: Why Wheels?
Hey its all ok with me ,, they make me use my brain and do reserch,, its kinda like if you like a vehicle with a standard Transmission.. you are going to swear by it .. no matter how good someone says an automatic trans is..

smokepolehall 06-30-2006 11:45 AM

RE: Why Wheels?
I am ready!

awshucks 06-30-2006 12:26 PM

RE: Why Wheels?
Hey Hotburn: Ya got some good points!! Lemme tell ya'll that E'max is way more bow than I need! It's a beast to cock even w/ ropecocker. I slowed mine down some w/ different string and heavier arrows [431 gr] Did the same w/ Phoenix. Lost 15-20 fps on both, but got rid of alot of vibration and noise. I barely shoot the Emax any more, dang thing wears me out!! They will all do the job on deer, another point you made, and the sooner we can all get started, the better off we'll be!!

smokepolehall 06-30-2006 01:38 PM

RE: Why Wheels?
[:o]I've been hijacked:D[:-][&o]Really how fast is yer Bow? You have shot thru the chrony? 320/325fps what weight total arrows? and the length? My Phoenix 2219's 20" 100gr. field pt. with 5" vanes weighs 494gr. and goes 272 fps. I can shoot the min. and get right widja!I LIKE MINE HEAVY AND SLOWER TO KEEP LIMBS REAL SAFE! I really don't think i will have any trouble taking my deer this fall.Like the rest of us here we are waiting on deer season to open and have nothing better to do than stir the pot. Bet we all could get together and have a great 3-D shoot. I don't have alot of chump change to throw away, i do have a great Bow. Spect i can stay with or outshoot many on here and i have a peep at 20 or 30 yds. and i only have one 20 yrd. pin! I be as crippled up as most of you too!

Dnk 06-30-2006 04:51 PM

RE: Why Wheels?
Hehehehee. Ok, here's my take Jay!
Crossbows are inefficent by nature of their short stroke. Whees and cams store energy via a longer string travel stored around their wheels. Cams try to accelerate the string a little more gently than the 747 of crossbows, namely the Excals. Wheels are therefore more efficient but in the end have more parts and depart from the KISS principal that we want as hunters. That is that nothing goes wrong at the moment of truth. I think that the honest truth is that little goes wrong withour warning just like cars. So if the operator is congnisent of what he or she is doing during maintenance then the two bows are just as reliable. Ok, here goes!! To coin a phrase IMHO, LOL that was for you Dan, recurves are for idiots and experts alike and compounds are more suited to those who don't mind some maintenance and have a carefull eye. In a perfect world the compound is a better world. Too bad tolerance stacking, high production methods and human error are involved. That being said I'd better get off the fence cauz my butt is hurting. :D Come and get me!:D

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