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Crossbows This is the place to discuss hunting with crossbows and crossbow equipment. This is NOT a crossbow debate forum.


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can you hunt with a crossbow in georgia whats the rules thank you
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Great list! I would add, if you have a hang-fire keep it pointed down range (speaking from experience). Yes it is possible with crossbows!
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Originally Posted by Dnk
If it weren't sad it would be funny but has this really happened? Have fingers really been lost? If its true then there would be lots of clearance afterwards! But seriously has this happened or is it an urban legend?
I heard that a young fella was working a xbox in my home state and didn't pay attention and the string took his thumb off. No urban legends on this one!!!
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great list for everyone to follow. Of course there are folks that do it different and so be it. And then there might be safeties build in by some manufacturers and others may have a cocking device that allows its use for de-cocking. However: Basics are basic and if anyone will ask a x-bow hunter / user ever to handle an unfamiliar bow it will serve well to remember the basics listed! That bow may not have the "stuff" ones own bow has ... Great tips and always "on the money"!
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At the end of a day of hunting I set up a target (with a light on it if it's dark) at 30 yards, that's how I unload my crossbow. You'd be surprised what that one shot can do for keeping you sharp.
Glad to read that one about the guy killing himself from a loaded crossbow slinged on his back. I quit doing it (while blood tracking) after I lost a bolt (Duh) that likely hooked up on a tree branch. The more I read here the happier I am I got the Ten Point Elite.
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I get them all except walking in and out with a bolt in the bow. Seems the same as hunting with a rifle with a round in the chamber WITH THE SAFETY ON and during daylight and carried as a rifle would be (not slung) of course. Please explain the reasoning?
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Originally Posted by piperman
just buy a ten point crossbow and you cant dry fire it this is probabaly its nicest feature has anybody shot them illuminated arrow nocks out of a crossbow and are they any good if they are what brand is recommended
I have a Wicked Ridge Invader HP and use the Eastman lighted crossbow nock very nice when you take that late evening shot and need to locate your bolt. Picked them up at Farm and Fleet for like $8
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Thank you for the rules, I will follow them!
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I published a list for the most important safety rules/


I did not have time to read all the posts in this thread but I will add them on later if i find something. However I am happy about any feedback to improve this list.
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I definitely cock my excalibur up in the tree, then I de-cock it up in the tree with my cocking aid. It is the most effective, safe, and also economical (by not destroying arrows) way to utilize my bow.
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