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JAKELK 01-30-2022 12:19 PM

Joseph Krausz Bronzes: Proof editions, museum quality.
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My father was an avid hunter and maintained a trophy room and has passed. He was close personal friends with artist Joseph Krasz, the famous Hungarian/American sculptor. Mr. Krausz kept a private selection of very low numbered "proof" bronzes which he only made available to family and very close friends. I have a collection of these very special bronzes, including the piece de resistance, "The Hunter." Every one is without flaw.

In addition, I have a full sized "Blonde" Black Bear (very rare) in full upright taxidermy on a beautiful oak base.

If you know Joseph Krausz, and have read this far, I'll be happy to discuss personally the pieces available with the following conditions:

1.) The pieces are heavy and delicate. I cannot ship. I am located in North County, San Diego, California. If you wish a piece, I would be happy to work with YOUR shipper who is responsible for pickup and packing. Otherwise, I prefer to deal in person.

If you are interested, please call me directly to discuss which pieces are available. Again, these are very special "proof" editions of Krausz bronzes sold between friends.

I can be reached via cell at 818-486-0702. I can discuss the inventory of the pieces and text photos as requested.


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