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ralow1988 08-22-2020 12:23 AM

1905 Oregon Hunt License #1
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I have an Oregon hunting license from 1905. Serial#1 is in upper left corner. I am wondering if this is #1 Oregon Hunting License? State Game fund started in 1905. It has an Umatilla County Seal on the bottom left but it was put there. It was given by the county clerk. Hunting licenses were a state requirement so I don't think it is just #1 from the county. How I obtained it was through my family. My Grandfather bought the land of the man who once owned it. Name is T.P. Edwards. I believe it was Thomas Edwards. He was a prominent man in the county and might have been given the honor to receive possibly the first hunting license. I want to know if this could actually be #1 of Oregon. I know this piece could be unique and no one might actually know how to compare it to others. I can't find really any help through the internet other than some educated observations. Anyone knows anything about vintage hunting license, I would like some input on it on whether it could be #1 and potential value of something like this. I have no interest in selling as I own the Edwards property.

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