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Squirrel recipe

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Default Squirrel recipe

I came up with a squirrel recipe of my own I would like to share.

Squirrels, quartered (as many as you want to fix, but 3 will fill me up)
Cooking oil
Wheat flour (regular flour will work fine, but wheat is better)
Onion salt
Liquid Smoke (not necessary, but adds a nice smoke flavor that I like)

Put the squirrels in a pot of boiling water and let them boil for 1.5 to 2 hours. This is important. If you have ever fixed squirrels you will know that they are tough as pine knots. The long boiling time makes them tender. Keep an eye on the boiling water as it will boil off and you will have to add warm water. When they are done boiling and cooled off you need to coat them real good in wheat flour. Now coat the bottom of the skillet (in my case, an electric skillet) with cooking oil. If you want, you can add a capfull of liquid smoke to the oil and swish it all around to get it mixed up. Turn the heat up to 250 and when the oil heats up, add the squirrels. Then sprinkle onion salt evenly on the squirrels (that is what makes it good). Cook till light brown and flip over, then repeat with the onion salt. When both sides are light brown, take them out of the skillet and let cool. Then dive in!

Note: The liquid smoke i mentioned is NOT the barbecue sauce. It is made by LEM and I bought it at Gander Mountain. Also, it will make your house smell like smoke.

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Default RE: Squirrel recipe

You could also get the liquid smoke at the grocery store, same stuff and probably a little cheaper.
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Default RE: Squirrel recipe

Why not just marinate them well and put them in the smoker? A moist smoker will keep them from drying out.
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Default RE: Squirrel recipe

Mmmm...reading this just made my stomach rumble. When supper?
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Default RE: Squirrel recipe

Hey 12 guage. I will try this one for sure. I might sub onion salt for onion juice and sea salt 'cause I have delusions of being hoity toity. Let me share on of my squirrel recipees you might want to try

Take a brace o' squirrells. Clean and skin but leave whole. Wash em good
Then boil them for about 10 minutes (15 if they are big)in moderately boiling salt water. This is par-boiling if you may not know
Then remove from water and dry. Rub inside with black pepper and garlic powder (not garlic salt) or fresh minced garlic, then stuff inside with fresh onions. A bit of basil wouldn't go awry here as well. Then lay them, back up,in a baking pan or dutch oven (if you are camping) and sprinkle a little more black pepper. Lastly layer some bacon slices over the backs of the squirrels and bake at a moderate heat (300 +-), until they are cooked. In a dutch oven, a bit of beef broth or some red wine will add a nice flavour to the gravy you will make from yhe drippings and helps to keep the meat moist.
And here's a trick I learned from a Horace Kephadt book.
Parboil whole paotatoes with the squirrel in the slated water. Then when the squirrel is arranged in the pan and is ready to go into the oven, slice the parboiled potatoes and arrange them in the pan around the meat. LArrapin!!!!
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