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canning venison

Old 11-16-2006, 12:50 PM
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Default canning venison

thought about trying to can some venison this year. i have no idea what i'm doing. anybody wanna walk me through it. kind of a "canning for dummies"
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Default RE: canning venison

Canning for dummies 101
items required:
pressure cooker
mason jars
lids and rings
bay leaves(optional)

start by cutting the meat into stew sized chunks. Then fill the jar most of the way to the top, fill halfway to three-quarters to top with water, place one to two bay leaves on top to kill some of the gamey taste and then seal the jars and then pressure cook them (I don't ever do this part so I'm not sure how long they need to be in the cooker for) Make sure that when you go to actually cook the meat you remove the bay leaves. This is the way my grandma has always done it anyways. Enjoy!
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Default RE: canning venison

never had canned venison but a buddy gave me a jar a couple of weeks ago............looks like crap but he swears it makes a great b-b-q. every time i think about trying it i take one look at the jar and my stomach gets a little funny feeling ............ man it looks bad.
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Default RE: canning venison

Had a bud that touted his canned venison, had pictures in my mind kinda like tuna fish, so passed on it as long as I could, lol. Once I tried it, it was fantastic. This is off of a 30 year old memory, so check it out first. He cut the meat into stew sized chunks, rolled it in flour and salt, pepper, ect. Next, it got browned in hot skillet w/ oil and then put in fruit jars, kinda like in a gravy. I believe it then got put in pressure cooker for 45 min at 15 lbs but am not sure. I do recall it being the best "hot beef" I ever had. Unbelievably tender!! All I know is it's a great way to use those tough old dudes, and I wish I had some!!!
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Default RE: canning venison

Don't add water!!!!!!!

Fill quart jar 3/4 full with meat. Add 1 t-spoon of salt. Pressure can at 15 to 18 (pressure) for 40 to 50minutes.

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Default RE: canning venison

You need to have an idea how to can food to start with or get a canning guide from presto or bell. Use a modern canner the old ones can be dangerous.

For venison I cold pack. Meaning I trim and cut into chunks raw venison. Fill canning jar with meat, follow directions in book, ad canning salt and process in the cooker 90 minutes for pints 120 for quarts I beleive at 11 lbs. pressure. I do not add water the juices from the meat are enough.

It is excellent, be careful how many people you let try it because you will be giving it to them forever!! A couple good easy preps are to heat up a can with mushroom gravy and have over noodles, another is mix with some sauted onions and some barbacue sauce for sandwiches. Or it is great for making soups. One guy I know just eats it out of the jar.

Good luck and enjoy. But get a guide book, like Bell Blue Book.
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Default RE: canning venison

i did 12 quarts last week,here's what i do.

cut meat into 1inch cubes
pack in jars almost to the neck
add 1 beef bullion cube
add about a quarter of a large onion
fill almost full with hot water
pressure can at 15lbs for 90min.

i ussually open and dump the water,place meat in pan add cambells canned beef gravy. when hot serve over toast, noodles or rice......
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Default RE: canning venison

Don't add water!!!!!!!

Fill quart jar 3/4 full with meat. Add 1 t-spoon of salt. Pressure can at 15 to 18 (pressure) for 40 to 50minutes.

This is the same way it is done here for deer and moose, mostly moose as it is so tuff most of the time.

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Default RE: canning venison

Batter and fry the meat. Put it in jars with brown gravy made with onions. Pressure cook it. I will have to check with my friend to get the exact tiime and amount of pressure. It is to die for!!

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Default RE: canning venison

I just ordered a video from Under Quest, Buck Slammers is the title. Have'nt seen it yet but from the decription it shows u how to can deer.
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Quick Reply: canning venison

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