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RedAllison 03-01-2006 07:06 PM

Edible antelope???
Well I must admit that I am known for my deersteaks. I marinate them (and pretty much anyother meat, wild or tame) and most of the time folks can't even tell they are eatin wildgame. BUT lastnight was a first for me. I took out some of my antelope from my WY hunt (first time) and it just flatout tasted bad. The meat was fine in appearance, moisture, color, texture etc and I know I did it properly as I did some whitetail and muley steaks at the same time and they were great.

When I brought the meat in off the grill I gave a small piece too my wife and she nearly spit it out. That overpowering SAGE flavor was there no matter what. About two bites and WHAM it would come through and overpower the marinade. Any tricks too getting that sage flavor out? The muley came from the sameranch (just south of Buffalo, WY along the Powder River) but it tasted fine.

I hate to chunk out this 'lope but if the best loins tasted like that dare I say the rest will feed the neighbors dogs!!! [:'(]

moosehunter21 03-09-2006 12:21 PM

RE: Edible antelope???
I havent a clue...

The Rev 03-09-2006 09:25 PM

RE: Edible antelope???
Red, I've never tried it, but all I've ever heardyour lucky if your dogs eat it...

Good luck. Gosh if it's that bad you don't even want to donate it to a shelter..

Usually you can mask some taste by making Chili out of it, but if it's that bad... I don't know.. Heck they are goats, and billy goats are nasty to eat too, only young goats are good for meat. I used to raise goats, and drank the milk. I always fed alfalfa to my goats, when one would get into some weeds, the milk tasted sour..I bet there was plenty of wild sage to feed on, that why the strong sage taste.

Grasshopper13 03-31-2006 09:37 AM

RE: Edible antelope???
I've eaten a few antelope and one thing that becomes very clear is all comes down to how much in the rut the thing was. If it's been chasing does for weeks it's going to have a lot of strong taste. In my experience, it's actually better if you leave off the marinade. I tend to like to cook venison with onions, but antelope to my taste, tends to really get sagey if you try to cook it with onions or any other kind of marinade. As a last resort, try soaking it in a 50-50 mixture of applesauce and milk overnight before you grill it. Take it out of the fridge,wash it off, and once it gets to around room temp., throw it on the grill and enjoy!


Smoke_Em 04-29-2006 06:46 AM

RE: Edible antelope???
The best way I have found to make antelope is to brown the steaks with a little water in the pan and then add 2 cans of tomato soup and simmer for 45 minutes. Add water to the soup if neccessary. Also, like grasshopper said if the critter was in rut or if it ran a long ways after being shot the meat seems to get "strong" from the adrenelin rush. Antelope should be cut up and cooled down as soon as possible to get the best tasting meat.

Leep 05-02-2006 01:02 PM

RE: Edible antelope???
I have eaten more than my share of antelope and I ahve neve rhad a bad one. In fact, my wife likes it better than elk...
One thing to be careful of, do not shoot an antelope that has been chased or running hard-they fill up with adrenalin (sp?) and will taste strong. Of course a buck will taste stronger than a young doe.
One thing that will almost gurantee a good tasting in Montana we have a lot of alfalfa fields and it is natures marinade-Lol..
Shoot an antelope feeding quietly in such a field, buck or doe,I can almost gurantee a good meal.
Oh, antelope meat needs to be seared quickly and eaten with a slightly pink center-it is very dry meat..
Take care.
Leep Out:

Leep 05-05-2006 12:38 PM

RE: Edible antelope???
Forgot one important thing after you kill an antelope..Always carry a big cooler filled with ice and plastic freezer bags and a tarp.
As soon as you get the antelope down--forget about gutting it- just bone the dang thing out right there and put the cuts in the bags-some large and other sizes- and get that thing on ice right away- you will be amazed at how this will help with the meat too.
Leep Out:

Alex The Hawk 05-05-2006 02:28 PM

RE: Edible antelope???
Make a cuban marinade, Take an aluminum pan big enough for your meat and ingredients.

Use cooking wine ,one bottle, add chopped onions , one large can of tomato sauce, chopped garlic , 4 to 5 sour oranges or lime juice, 2 spoonfuls of baking soda, 4 OZ of white vinegar, 2 cups of red wine(Cheap wine)
Immerse the meat over night in the fridge, and cook in the marinade.
this is good for 4 to 6 lbs of meat, works with goat meat also.

gunnut2000 05-29-2006 10:20 AM

RE: Edible antelope???
Well I think your out of luck. I have talked to many different people about Antelope meat and most have said the same thing. With-in 30mins of the kill the animal needed to be cleaned. With-in 60mins of the kill the animal must be cooled and skined. My son got a speed goat last year and we did it this way and it was the best eating we have had in a wile. My wife told me I had better start planing more hunts for antelope because she loved the taste so much. Good luck with next years. Jovan

121553 06-04-2006 01:36 AM

RE: Edible antelope???
Those goats are usually taken in almost three digit weather and the first priority is get that hide off and iced down asap. I've had some good loins and I've had some that tasted like liver. Depends on a lot of factors in processing the game from the field to the freezer, and some don't know how to deal with the heat in the middle of aug., in much of trying to process an animal in those temps..Sometimes,mulies have that taste also, not bad tasteing but kinda on the strong side. In knowing that game may have a strong taste, I'll marinate in evaperated milk and bread and fry and it'll taste soooooooooooo good,it just may make you want to slap your grandma. ;)


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