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Edible antelope???

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Default RE: Edible antelope???

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Those goats are usually taken in almost three digit weather and the first priority is get that hide off and iced down asap. I've had some good loins and I've had some that tasted like liver. Depends on a lot of factors in processing the game from the field to the freezer, and some don't know how to deal with the heat in the middle of aug., in much of trying to process an animal in those temps..Sometimes,mulies have that taste also, not bad tasteing but kinda on the strong side. In knowing that game may have a strong taste, I'll marinate in evaperated milk and bread and fry and it'll taste soooooooooooo good,it just may make you want to slap your grandma.

I was also gonna suggest trying to soak in milk overnight.
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Wyoming Antelope facts.
We live in Wyoming and eat antelope all year around.
Facts are people always shoot the one with biggest rack which means OLD and tuff and stinky.
We only shoot young yearlings or does.
One more fact. Best way to kill one is get one that is relaxed or laying down, or just got up from resting.
Never shoot a running antelope , and worse is one that is shot many times and ran also. this meat is ruined if this happens.
If you can't kill it in one shot, don't try .
Once animal is killed skin and gut right away, keep meat cool.
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one more thing. Wyoming Is 80% sage brush. If you get one in areas where they eat alfalfa is best. Other places and states with antelope hardly have any sage brush .so meat taste different. If you hunt Wyoming antelope, stick with young yearling's or does.
If you shoot the big ones that got large horns, expect to get slinky meat, like a old bore goat that pees on its lip.
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Originally Posted by Leep View Post
Forgot one important thing after you kill an antelope..Always carry a big cooler filled with ice and plastic freezer bags and a tarp.
As soon as you get the antelope down--forget about gutting it- just bone the dang thing out right there and put the cuts in the bags-some large and other sizes- and get that thing on ice right away- you will be amazed at how this will help with the meat too.
Leep Out:
This is, without a doubt, the best possible advice on pronghorn. I've killed a number of them both in my native CO and in WY and getting them cooled down immediately is the key.

Pronghorn have a hollow hair that insulates really well. Most people shoot an antelope, do a quick field dress (or maybe even skip this step), toss it in the back of the truck and take off looking for another one. The animal was probably taken when it is fairly warm out and between the heat of the muffler, the sun heating up the bed and the hair insulting it, the meat doesn't have a chance. Throw in a bunch of dust from the road to compound the matter. You couldn't treat Kobe beef that way and not expect it to suffer.

We always have at least 3 coolers with ice in the truck. As soon as an antelope is down (stalked, not chased with the truck) we immediately bone it our and get it on ice. We will not take more than 2 before we head back to camp. I've got a heavy duty 158 QT cooler that holds ice for 5 days and we fill it with ice before we go hunting. When we put an antelope on ice, we don't even open the cooler for at least a day. Keeping it closed keeps it cold. Every other day we see if we need to add ice from the big cooler and drain off water.

Using this method, I've never had a bad one. Matter of fact, it is my favorite game meat next to buffalo.
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I have shot my share, I didn't think they tasted much different than deer. Somebody told me before I even shot my first to keep the meat in ice water to "blanch" away the sage taste, and it seemed to work.

If this doesn't work for you, turn the meat into jerky, sausage, or snack sticks. Or grind it up and make a lot of chili.
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Antelope is my favorite game meat of all. But, I only shoot does and fawns, keep it very cool right after downing, and never have an issue.

If you are past that point, I honestly don't know what you can do besides soak it, and spice the crud out of it. Next year you know.
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What about making breakfast sausage out of it and just leave out the sage?
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