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Flintflinger 01-05-2005 03:52 PM

RE: IBO Speed
Right, I realize that. It was one of the factors that caught my eye. Comfort far out ways speed in my book. It could be the fastest bow on the planet, but if it doesnt feel right in my hand, I wouldnt even consider it.

Paul L Mohr 01-05-2005 04:01 PM

RE: IBO Speed
check out this link

Lots of good info here.


Bob H in NH 01-06-2005 08:53 AM

RE: IBO Speed
Couple of points:

- IBO the group has NOTHING to do with IBO speed ratings. Its named that because IBO 3D rules state 5 gr/lb arrow weight. IBO the group has nothing to do with it and is NOT a certifying body, nor is it an industry standard. AMO speed (540 gr arrow at 60 lb, 30 inches) IS an industry standard, but results in a MUCH lower speed so isn't as "cool" looking as IBO spped. Your "real" speed will be somewhere between em probably.

- the IBO speed is VERY hard to achieve. Everything you do to a bow to make it shootable slows it down, anything on the string, peep, loop, nock point etc, slow it down.

- 350 gr arrow at 70 lbs is pretty tough to do without going underspined and very tough to do with a broadhead due to BH weights.

Use the IBO rating as a comparison only. If one bow is IBO rated at 315 and another at 295 you can tell which will be faster, but don' t be suprised if you don't get that number.

My bow is IBO rated at 305, I shoot it at 30 inches (IBO does to), 65 lbs (5 under IBO) and 400 grain arrow (50 over IBO), with a loop and peep sight. I get 270 fps.


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