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This should heat it up.......

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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

I admit that as a compound hunter I don't like to see the same attitude that I have when it is directed at me by trads however whether i like it or not they have a justified right (I hope ArthurP isn't reading this ) based on their value system at feeling the way they do just like I am justified at feeling they way that I do based on my value system though I may have argued to the contrary at some point, just for the sake of arguing

Man, does this thread have me thinking and acting defensive. But I'm thinking.

Anyway, when I rest my head on my hide from one of my trophies, and I stare at those on the wall, I think about my emotions, about my dad, about my son and daughter, or about 1000 other things. The fact that I killed the deer with a gun or bow only comes when I relive the shot...again.

That, to me is what my sport and passion is all about! If you get your kicks from a bowtech and carbons, hey, tell me some stories I'd love to hear them.

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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

If someone kills a deer with any legal method and is proud of their kill,, Im happy for them.
Just because I might think that a certain hunting method isnt that "challenging " for me doesnt mean I'll look down upon it .
Do you hunt with a compound bow? You want something more challenging. Try hunting with a long bow and shoot instinctivly. Hunt from a tree stand. Why thats to easy. Hunt from a ground blind or stalk the animal.
Theres just to much arrogance in the world today. Same way with the TROPHY mentality
out there. If someone is happy shooting a spike with a gun. Thats great. Im happy for them. And I'll tell them that.
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

ORIGINAL: bscofield

Fieldmouse, i don't really get what you mean. Do you mean that they see deer and get upset because a person with a rifle could have taken it? Perhaps... but so what? Why does that put a gun hunter in a bad light? If doing something the hard way is so dang noble (and not just a preference) than how come the people who look down their noses at gun hunters aren't doing everything the hard way? I just don't see how you can take this train of thought to it's logical conclusion and not end up looking down your nose at yourself anytime you do something in an easier way than what is available.
I don't put gun hunters in a bad light. I don't care if you choose to hunt with a gun. What I'm saying is if I did hunt with a gun I would have a wall full of 150 class and up. I fortunately get to see several monsters each year. There is a very big difference however getting that deer with in gun range vs bow range. This year I've had 4 with in 100 yards.

I'm probably the most frustrated hunter on this board. I've been trying for 10 years to bag a monster with a bow. I can't seem to be in the right tree at the right time to do it. I do atleast get to see a lot of deer. I've come to the conclusion that if you get enough time in the woods, you still only get 1 chance a year to have that shot opportunity. It's not easy. I hunt with 2 other people and they have yet to bag a monster this year. One of them has 10 on his wall with a few in storage. My other friend took first place in the state the year he killed his with a bow.

Don't worry a gun kill is still a nice deer.
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

IMO, it's sad that statements like this are spread about. There are just as many "seriuos" gun hunters as there are bow hunters. IMO one should not be judged by their weapon of choice. You must also keep in mind that there are many folks that due to physical limitations, can not pull back a bow for whatever reason, thus they use a firearm. I feel statements like this do as much harm to our sport as do the animal rights folks. YOU my friend are the last person we need included in our hobby.Taz
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

To answer your question in your original post. I would say to a degree. I would say a good buck is a good buck no matter what. I'd even admire a good buck mounted after being hit by a car. But there is most definetely a difference on how the buck was taken. Would I admire someone who deliberately hit one with a car, no, of course not. Same is true to a degree with one taken at 200 yards with a rifle or muzzleloader. Where I hunt muzzleloaders are legal, but rifles are not. But I have seen guys mount scopes and shoot accurately with muzzleloaders almost as far as rifles, as well as guys shooting 300 yards with pistols. I have seem guys sit in little island patches in a field and knock them down at incredible ranges. I compare that to me sitting in a tree not being able to see more then 50 yards in any one direction. It sure seems like the muzzleloader/pistol guys have a pretty big advatnage then me, especially when a deer is 10 yards at full alert and I have to make movement to draw my bow. Now next year in NY they plan on having a one week muzzleloader only season right in the middle of bow season (yuck). So I will have to go along with the game and get a license next year. But, I will not put a scope on the muzzle loader and I'll be sitting in my bow stands. I would definetelty say that there is a difference on how a deer is taken. Stick Bow being the most challenging of all.
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

So if a guy kills a 200 class buck in a 40 acre enclosure and it's legal, then we should all be obligated to admire his "accomplishment"?
are canned hunts considered fair chase?
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

I don't view deer any differently no matter what they were taken with. I killed a buck with my bow and a buck with my gun this year and I am proud of them both.

Having said that I will make 2 points that do effect my thoughts on the quality of the hunt..........the animal is a pure trophy no matter what. I rate the hunt......not the animal.

#1 If some guy tells me he was out for 15 minutes and his buddies were driving the woods and a buck came out and he shot it 5 times before killing it I just shake my head. I don't care much for driving deer.........I realize it is VERY effective but it is also dangerous and not very fair chase IMO.

I also have ZERO tolerance for people who can't shoot. First thing I say to someone if I see a poor shot on a deer is "Why did you shoot him there?" If you can't shoot stay home. I have 3 kills with my gun this year. 3 shots.......quick and clean. There is no excuse for not being accurate with a gun.

#2 This may ruffle some feathers but it's my opinion and that's what he asked for. This will also help explain why I don't view gun kills as less of an accomplishment. I hunt in NY where it is shotgun only. I use a smooth bore slug barrell and 90% of my kills are within most people's bow range. My farthest shot in memory was a couple years ago on a buck at 70 yards. All 3 deer I killed with gun this year were at 30 yards. To me that is still an accomplishment to get deer in close and be able to take them with a clean shot. If I had my bow I could have shot every deer I took with my gun.

Where I start to lose my respect for the accomplishment is when I hear stories of 300-400 yard shots. Cmon could be cooking breakfast, playing a radio, and waxing your truck and a deer at 400 yards will still be there when your done. I have much respect for the skill required to kill a deer at those ranges.............I just view the accomplishment as more in markmanship then hunting.
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

I guess we just look at things in different ways. I just think it is too easy to hunt whitetails with a rifle and I wonder why people don't challenge themselves a little more and give the deer a chance.
SA, I'm not necessarily raggin' on your opinion of gun hunters... But I do feel that the stated opinion does contribute to the elitest attitude. What you didn't answer is that if bow hunting is somehow better or more noble than gun hunting than why don't you do the most difficult form of that?

I am going to do this some day. The only problem is here, a broad head that isn't made from metal is illegal. So I'll have to use a normal head!
Bird hunt dog, that's great! But I just hope that you don't somehow think that it makes you superior to other bowhunters for it.
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

I would like a honest answer here, you say gun hunting is easy, and killing a 190 class deer with a gun is lets just say in your eyes not a huge acomplishment,

1. How many 190 inch deer have you killed in any manor?
2. What do you do for a living? Why do i ask this, if 190's are not a big deal with a gun then go kill the next world record and become a self made millionaire, or would that not be a acomplishment?

Not making stabs at you but it just seems like if you are not a woopty doo bow hunter you are nothing in your eyes, and to be honest with ya i hunt with bow, rifle, and muzzleloader and killed deer with all three this year and are proud of it.

I bet i have alot more good memories than you do, because i cherish all my gun kill as enjoyment, SAD THAT YOU DONT
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Default RE: This should heat it up.......

Well if we're speaking honestly here, I guess i would have to say that I do kinda respect a bow kill more than a rifle kill. Here in Maryland we have a huge population of hunters who go out opening morning and sit for 15 min. and shoot big deer. I on the other hand hunt the same woods religiously all season and sometimes have trouble getting the perfect bow shot. I guess the only reason i gun hunt is because its the only time I can get out with my father, and I do have alot of "deer" guns, so its my chance to use them. However if Maryland would for some reason go "bow only" I would jump for joy!!! Look down upon someone for harvesting something legally, no.... respect a bowhunter more....honestly yes. Sorry!
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Quick Reply: This should heat it up.......

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