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Default cost

How much does it cost to get into bow hunting? I'm trying to decide whether to get a new bow or a new muzzle loader (for early season here in iowa). A new muzzle loader and all the accessories is ging to be a bit more than $300, how does this compare to a new bow and all the accessories needed for that?

Don't know anything about bows, so any advice or suggestions are more than welcome.
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Default RE: cost

That varies greatly.

There are two routes to go:

1. Buy a good used bow, some basic carbon or aluminum arrows, a practice target and some practice tips for the arrows. I did this and spent about $300 on a bow, basic rest, basic sight, basic release. I got a target for free (4X4 round bale of hay from neighbor) and baught arrows at a local shop. I found a good stabilizer and limbsavers as well as broadheads from EBay. Total cost around $450. I have then been upgrading things every year and saving up for a brand new bow in perhaps 5 years.

2. Go out and buy the best -- something you don't ever want to upgrade (or so you think when you start). This route is expensive. $600+ for bow, $100 or so for ACC arrows, etc... This route is expensive. And in the end, you'll probably not want to spend all that money till you have tried hunting with a bow. Trust me. Bow hunting and gun hunting are two completely different beasts! I enjoy both, but hunting with a bow is definitely more of a challenge for me. Some really don't like it.

Seeing that I favor hunting with a bow due to the challenge and skill required, I would vote for getting the bow. Muzzle loaders are nice, but there is something about a bow that really makes you feel close to nature (basically, because you have to be close to hit the animal...).

Just my $0.02.

And remember, you don't need $1,000 worth of gear to shoot a deer.
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Default RE: cost

Welcome to the forums QTompkins. I hope you are seriously considering becoming an avid bowhunter.
As you follow the posts and threads of this forum you will see why we are all "Junkies", and are addiction to bowhunting is very contagious. So be forewarned about following the boards LOL
All i can say about cost is that bowhunting is priceless $, once you get involved and start to practice and become proficient, Man o Man look out!
So again welcome and hope to see you around,, ask as many ?? as you feel you need to and you will see the super support of the great bowhunters here.
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Default RE: cost

I just started bowhunting this year, and just bought all my equipment this year too. I'll list how much I spent on everything and how much it took me to get started. Keep in mind, I didn’t have anything to start with, I pretty much had to buy everything.

Bow (used Martin Cheetah) - $100 (got a deal from my brother-in-law)
Rest/sights/release - $72 (From Wal-Mart)
Quiver - $20 (Gander Mountain)
Bow Mechanic - $26 (Arrows cut, and bow setup for me with a peep site and all that jazz)
12 Browning Boss Carbon Arrows - $38 +shipping (Ordered from The Sportsman Guide)
3 Tekan broadheads - $30 (Gander Mountain)
Camo (bibs/coat/shirt) - $60 (Wal-Mart)
Sent control kit - $20 (Wal-Mart)
Field dressing kit - $14 (eBay)
Field points - $4 (Gander Mountain)

Total - $384

I pretty much got all the cheapest stuff that I could to get started. I plan on buying better equip sooner or later. Some of that stuff most people probably already have, but I didn’t. I didn’t need to buy a target yet because my brother-in-law has one and let me practice with it.
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Default RE: cost

I bought my first bow used foe 75 bucks. It had sights, a rest, peep, and like 7 old arrows. I picked up a cheap release, some fieldpoints and bheads, and a quiver for like 50 bucks. I shot the hell out of a bale of hay a harvested a doe with ease, i could have killed a six pt but i passed to let him grow. I now have about 700 bucks wrapped up in my new bow. My new bow is so much better in ever aspect that i can't even begin to compare them. Nevertheless, i haven't killed a deer with it yet, a coyote and a squirrel, but not a deer. $125 bow = dead deer. $700 bow = no dead deer. IMO Bow hunting is a lot funner than muzzleloader hunting(ive participated in both) and if you shop around you can bow hunt cheap, for what its worth........

Whatever your decision, good luck.
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Default RE: cost

even if you got all your bowhunting equipment for free you still need to practice, practice, practice
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