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Pro-Line 08-26-2004 03:28 PM

Carbon Fury Arrows....
I switched to carbon last year, and was skeptical. I went with the Carbon Fury arrows from Bass Pro. They're $39/dozen. I figured I could get better ones if I liked them OK, or return to aluminum if I didn't like them.

I like these arrows. I can't see the diff between these and the others costing $80/doz. I shoot small groups with them, killed 3 deer last year, and haven't had a single problem.

Anybody else shoot these or have any experience with them. They're the cat's meow for the price.

MR.D 08-26-2004 06:37 PM

RE: Carbon Fury Arrows....
Thanks Pro-Line for the info. I will probab;y be purchasing a new dozen next season and was looking at the Carbon Furys.
Glad to hear that they work well foir you.

P.S. Some dyslexics may take offense at your signature.

I knew a guy who became so distraught from his buddies constantly busting him about having dyslexia that he couldn't take it any more.
Ya know what he did?
He walked right out into traffic and threw himself BEHIND a truck!!!:D

Pro-Line 08-26-2004 07:01 PM

RE: Carbon Fury Arrows....
LOL...Good 'un, D. I had mild dyslexia as a youth, and now I'm a teacher. It helps to poke fun at oneself from time to time. LOL

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