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$100 bow at Walmart

Old 08-24-2004, 10:07 AM
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

all the bows at my local walmart are kid bows and are not sufficient for hunting deer. you need to make sure that you have at least 40lbs draw weight in order to hunt deer. if i'm not mistaken many states have regulations requiring a minimum of 40 or 45 lbs draw weight.
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

was 29in draw ( 3in adj ) and a 70% let off , so not a kids bow , unless they are 6'3" at 15. Will check a few places for a used bow as I guess the shop would set it up for me.
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Old 08-24-2004, 10:14 AM
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

Parker offers their Buck Hunter Outfitter package for $299. Everything you need except arrows and a release. I know it might be more than what you're looking for but in my opinion it would be a solid start. Before buying that PSE I would definately check local pro shops to see if any offer used equipment. You will be much happier in the long run. Especially if you catch the bowhunting "bug" like the rest of us.
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

You recieved some good advice so far regarding the setup and things to watch out for. As for whether or not you'll be ready to hunt this season, I would let your accuracy and consistency be the indicator. If you can do the following:

1) produce consistent 4-shot groups of no more than say 5 or 6" from 20 yards at a target from various shot angles and shooting positions with broadheads (not field points)
2) you feel that you can take that same accuracy into the field under high pressure situations
3) you have a means of determining shot distance in the field
4) you are willing to limit your shot distances to withn your capability

....then I would say you are ready to hunt this fall. Even if you don't feel comfortable taking a shot, it's still fun to get out there and see 'em close up. Good luck with whatever decide.
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Old 08-24-2004, 10:28 AM
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

The only person that will know if you are ready is you, i would shoot so much as not to get tired and make bad shots and loose your confidence...make each practice shot count, and like was said before, shoot from trees, and ground, try to guess your yardage, especially your first year you would want to mark some trees around your hunting spot for yardage so you know the distance, its gets easier to judge distance with practice and experience....
Good luck and let us know what you do?
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

was 29in draw ( 3in adj ) and a 70% let off , so not a kids bow , unless they are 6'3" at 15.
I'm 6'1" and have a draw length of 31" and use a 70% let off.
My wife on the other hand is 5'10" and has a 28" draw and can barely pull 40lbs at 30 years old. I wouldn't assume to much about the bows. I know that PSE makes a lot of kids bows - they are very easy to tell by the much smaller cams and tiny wheels. If it is an adult bow then it will probably be a good bow to start with, but I'd still take it to a pro shop and give them $20 to set it up and give you a lesson
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

ORIGINAL: slugman

just registered for the bow course on 9/19. To pass : You must be able to shoot 3 out of 5 arrows into a 12-inch target (the size of the vital zone of a deer) between 10 and 20 yards to pass this course, so practice is important before coming to this course.

That's pathetic, if you can't put 5 out of 5 in a 12" target between 10-20 yards, you shouldn't ever be shooting at an animal....period! They should amend their rules or offer a smaller target.
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

No kidding Rob. Is the 30-40 yd a broad side of a barn?
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

My main thing is I dont want to injure a deer because I havent practiced enough.
I'm glad you care about the animals. Not to discourage you but you've really waited until the last minute to pick up a bow. Most of the people I know who bow hunt practice year round 3-5 days a week. Getting set up properly is the most important thing as a beginner. You'd be ahead of the game to get a good used bow that fits you properly then if you just bought the cheapest bow. Good bows don't have to cost a fortune either.

Once you get set up and start shooting you'll see the challenge. If you can shoot good groups and can "hit the mark" at unknown distance then it's time to start thinking about hunting. Deer are a lot diffrent then a target, even a 3-d target(which are great by the way) as they often will only pause for a split instance and sometime they won't even give you that. Deer seem to have great intuition when something is up. Getting a shot is half the challenge the other half is hitting the mark the instance that chance is available.
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Default RE: $100 bow at Walmart

You get what you pay for. Having said that the first bow I bought was a "Indian Mountian Stalker" from Walmart. I did not pay much for the bow but it shot well and after some modifications I had some good speed as well. But as everyone else said its shot placement and practice that are important in this sport.

Good luck and let us know how your making out.
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