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Greenhead Man 08-16-2004 03:07 PM

Tree stand procedure?
I am going to hunt from a climber for the first time, this year. I bought a bow hanger, but I plan on holding the bow as much as possible. How much time do you spend sitting down, do you stand up to shoot, do you stay standing the entire time/ or most of the time??? These are some of the main questions I have been wondering. Any help for a newbie would be appreciated. Some info on how you set up from ground up would also be helpfull. THANKS!!!!


JeramyK 08-16-2004 03:21 PM

RE: Tree stand procedure?
I practice from both sitting and standing positions. I prefer to be standing to take the shot but sometimes you just don't have time to stand or you can't stand because they'll see you moving, I prefer to sit most of the time but I have to deal with restless leg syndrome so I sometimes have to stand up.

As far as setup goes I will usually attach the bottom of the climber first and then the upper sections. I double check to make sure both are tied together with a rope to keep the bottom from accidentally sliding down the tree. I then slide the upper part of the climber up about 3 or 4 feet and I climb in from underneath. I make sure I have my bow and other equipment attached to a rope so that I can pull it up once in the tree. Once everything is squared away I setup my safety harness, strap in my feet and up I go.

Fieldmouse 08-16-2004 03:41 PM

RE: Tree stand procedure?
I use a loggy so there is only one piece to the climber. My first advice is height. Where I hunt a lot of deer will always be around. They do look up to a point. I have to be up 30' to ensure a shoot at something big without a smaller one busting me. As far a standing vs. sitting. I stand from just before legal shooting hours until I finally need a break. Usually around hour or so. Then I'll sit and rest. If I see a deer, I will always be standing. I also make sure I stand the last hour of my hunt.

One time I was on an evening hunt and a 4 point came down by me approaching from the front. I watched him from 200 yrds to right in front 5 yrds. The whole time I was sitting still. Then from behind me we both seem to hear the noise at the same time. The sound and the 4 points reaction told me it was big. Sure enough it was the biggest deer I've ever seen. He was a huge twelve point with big mass and I was out of position. I manged to get up and turned around to shoot him but he only gave me a second. I didn't have time to get a shot off. I only could watch him walk away. From that point on I will always stand when I see deer.

skina 08-16-2004 05:32 PM

RE: Tree stand procedure?
hey greenhead , looks like your getting some good advice already. i use a summit that came with agreat instructional vidio. what kind of stand did you get? ..skina

thundermug 08-16-2004 06:13 PM

RE: Tree stand procedure?
I used to hold my bow the entire time, or lay it across my lap. Not anymore! I now have someplace to hang my bow. I also alternate between sitting and standing.

When I place my stand in a tree I only go 20 feet. But I do have a smaller evergreen next to the tree I am in that has leaves in the area of my stand so I will have some concealment.

OH_RedNeck 08-16-2004 07:24 PM

RE: Tree stand procedure?
Jeramy pretty much gave a good account of how to get set up. As for sitting and standing, you are most likely to have a better chance of retaining your form if you are standing when that buck fever hits. Also, the closer they are to your stand, the better off you will be if you are standing. Take breaks, move slow, and as mentioned before, if you see deer, it might be in your interest to slowly stand up and get ready for some action.

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