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Default hogs?

the off season is killing me, i know alot of states do not regulate hog hunting, does anyone know of any state that allows unregulated hog hunts and have hogs on public property. i know its a long shot but maybe someone knows something. thanks
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Default RE: hogs?

Out here in Cali they are somewhat regulated, you need to buy book of tags, if you fill those, you are allowed to go back and buy more. The pigs out here can be found on public land, but it's tough. I killed mine on public land, but it took a while to find him. Most good hunts are going to have to be paid for on ranches. Hope this helps.
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Default RE: hogs?

I doubt that you want to travel all the way over to here but we have year round hog, goat, axis deer, feral sheep, & mouflon sheep hunting. There are not many seasonal limits. Just daily limits. 7 axis deer per day is pretty good deal too. That goes for a private land deel on lanai. Non residents can purchase a deer tag for 100 dollars. That same thing goes for mouflon sheep.

Alot of hunting areas are open daily too. For example, my favorite place, the Napali coast on Kauai (Unit G) has no limits on goats and pigs and is open daily. Bowhunting only. Permits are free. Is that a sweet deal or what! And the game populations are great. Very easy to kill over 2 goats. Pigs on the other hand are a little smart. I'm sure if you were to try exclusively for pigs in the valleys, you would have a good chance at getting one.

Most other hunting areas in Hawaii are thick and hard to bowhunt. The best method for pigs is with dog and knife.

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Default RE: hogs?

I was talking to someone today, they were looking into going down to Arkansas for a hog hunt...something about only needing a general nonresident license to hunt them. Wish I had some more info for you, maybe someone else will post some info here. I don't know any of this to be fact...but probably worth looking into if this is what you're looking for. I know Bogobble is from Arkansas but I haven't seen him on here for a while.

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Default RE: hogs?

I just got back from Hog hunting in Ga. I/we went down to Ft. Stewart it is a 240,000 acre military base just outside Savannah, the guys iI went with this year go each and every Feb. Tons of good signs,A ton of hogs. we scored two pigs out of 6 guys with chances to take several more that would have been around 100 lbs. they have Bow only areas, shotgun/muzzleloader areas, and rifle areas. it cost us 40 for a permit and 25 for a 7 day Lic. it was fantastic I am surely going each and every year. A friend of ours is the Wildlife Biologist there and he hooked us up with maps and went out with us several evenings. If you decide to go down ,there is no limit , no checkin of the hogs in the off season, and MAN can they tear up some earth ,its no wonder they allow you to take as many as you want, they just want them gone.

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Default RE: hogs?

Here in Mo. they are a nuisance(sp) animal no limit and no season,and some of the best hog hunting is on Ft.Lenoard wood, which is open to the public. I don't know how far you want to go? I'll see if I can find a no# to the base and e-mail it to you.
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Default RE: hogs?

Howdy J, here in Oklahoma, we have pretty good hog hunting. Mostly in the southeastern part of the state. The good thing is, no one hunts them! Gaining permission to private land is very easy cause they tear it up so bad. Public land is also available, but a little more pressured. I dont hunt public, but from what ive heard, theres some really good numbers and good size hogs. There not considered a game animal here, so you dont ahve to buy any tags. You have to by a license, but you can get a cheap 5 day license. Theres also a bunch of ranches that have hogs and exotics and rams and just about anything to hunt. In fact im going to one of these ranches in a couple weeks. There very productive, yet still very tough. Great for if you want a mouflan in with your hog. There also cheap. A couple websites you should chekc out beforehadn are for regulations and answers to your questions, and to look at a ranch. hope this helps.
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Default RE: hogs?

Washington state has some feral hogs. No license or tags required. No rules. The hogs are out on the Olympic Pennisula (not in large numbers but there are some). Interest is picking up on this but I don't know exactly where there the best hunting is. Need to talk to the guys out that way for more info.

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Default RE: hogs?

j1967, THis off season I KILLING me too. I would love to hunt some hogs. I need something to tide me over for a while till next season rolls near. Need some company just ask.


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