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ahunter55 06-13-2004 10:32 AM

How many Do-It-Youself Bowhunters
Just curious as to how many of you Do out of state Biggame bowhunts on your own & what type animals.
I have Bowhunted many states on my own over the years successfully for Elk, Whitetail, Black Bear, & Mule deer.
I have 2 Whitetail out of state bowhunts this fall on my own. I always Bowhunt PUBLIC ground out of state.

elkhunter2 06-13-2004 03:33 PM

RE: How many Do-It-Youself Bowhunters
I live in California and am a do it yourselfer. built my own house, cab over camper, trailers and have bowhunted for 30 years. Only once have I used a outfitter and that was in Alaska for moose and caribou. I have hunted Calif. and Oregan for mule deer, Arizona for javelina, Colorado and Oregan for elk. I have been extremely lucky in my hunting quests as I am 100 % in the animals that I have hunted. Elk is my favorite animal just can't get enough, 21 years huntn'em and 18 have fallen to my arrow, but nothing big.

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