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Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

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Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

Old 04-13-2004, 07:30 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

I practice year round. Basically because I love to shoot and I promised my wife I wouldnt take up golf. Because this archery thing to her is expensive. An ethical hunter would practice previous to going out an taking game, not pulling the bow out of the case the morning the season starts, and going from there. Not saying that its not possible to shoot tight groups that soon. But for the sake of the unknown you should test your equipment to the extreme before going out in the field.
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Old 04-13-2004, 07:44 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?


Well if no one will say it I will. Hunters who pull there bow's out days before the season "should" examine there ethics.

If you only put that much effort into your equipment and shooting skills how much effort will you put into shot selection or tracking shills. If you misjudge the distance (which you will if you only practice a couple days a year)and make a bad hit will you only put a half a$$ effort into tracking a wounded animal? I honestly don't think a 6 in. group at your effective range is good enough for live game. Assuming it's 20 yds. Specially for someone only shooting a few days a year. What happens when you screw on broad heads. Now what size groups will you shoot? Don't you think you owe it to the game you hunt to be as effecient as possible with your equipment and shooting skills. I think you already know the answer to the question before you asked it.

Jerry, I appreciate your honest opinion on this, but I've got to jaw back at ya some here.

First, you must not have read the whole thread - people are really only seeing this "mythical" 6" circle I threw out there. Is a 6" circle the kill zone? Yes. Did I originally say "whithin"? Yes. Did I later not say that I can hit a 1" piece of tape after sitting for 9 months? Yes. Did I also say that I don't blow the dust off the case, open it and head afield on the opener? Yes. I shoot anywhere from a week to a month prior to season. This is plenty of time under any circumstances to re-string, tune, make sure sites are still on, retrain muscle, etc.. I understand that we should do everything we can to be good at our sport in order to ultimately enjoy success, but to assume that I have no tracking skills or lazy tracking skills because I don't shoot all year is a rather absurd assumption, don't you think? I can track a deer with no blood - have done it plenty of times successfuly in 24 years of hunting. Now back to shooting - shooting a compound is just flat out not hard to do. It's like a gun - the sites are on, you hit the bullseye, the sites are off, you don't. What's the big deal? I absolutely agree that shooting a bow all year long leads some to be very proficient shooters, but when I can drag the thing out of the case after not touching it for months and throw bullseye after bullseye, how does this make me any less ethical than the year-round shooter? It doesn't. Not at all. Think about our equipment these days - the speed of the bows, fancy sites, this cam or that cam, drop away rests, carbon arrows, releases and on and on.... that makes a rather deadly weapon that is extremely reliable, and really easy to use. That's what makes traditional shooting so much fun and something you have to work harder at (at least I do) - stick and a string. I know my ability and my range, which is 30 yards. Never killed a deer past 20 yards though - didn't really need to.
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Old 04-13-2004, 07:56 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

I can take any tuned compound from any board member here and be deadly out to 30 yards with it in 10 minutes of shooting. Seriously guys, I can hold 4" groups with any tuned compound and most people who have shot any can do the same.

With my longbow, I practice 3-4, sometimes every day of the week. I have to, because its not unlike basketball in that contstant practice is required to keep the mind/bosy in sync

Thats NOT knocking compounds, just a fact of how easy they have become to shoot
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Old 04-13-2004, 09:03 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

To answer your question...No it's not necessary to shoot year round. I've got a buddy that does the same thing as you do. Picks his bow up a week or two before the season and flings a few arrows. Hunts from a tree stand and only shoots 20 yards. Timber where he hunts is really thick so you can't shoot much past 20 if you wanted too. Been doing this for 30 years. He's got some pretty impressive heads on the wall too. He works alot and enjoys fishing as well as other types of hunting. Good for him I say!

I like to tinker. Mess with my stuff all the time. I also love to shoot my bow. I have an outdoor range set up in my yard so I shoot spring, summer, and fall, and in the winter I get to an indoor range every couple weeks. I will say that I'm a far better target shot than my buddy. But he's taken larger deer.[:@] Part of that is that he hunts on his parents farm where no one else hunts except his brothers and his wife. (She bowhunts too)

To each his own. If you can accurately shoot your bow good enough to cleanly take an animal doing it your way, I say knock yourself out! If you like to shoot a lot, then do that too. Steaks on the grill are the end result in both cases.
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Old 04-13-2004, 09:40 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

rcd567 - So what is the challenge to bowhunting is the equipment is good enough to virtually eliminate practice ?
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Old 04-19-2004, 09:09 PM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

what a dumb question, well its not a dumb question, the dumb thing is that you already have your answer and sound pretty sure of yourself! you asked for our o then you become offended and say smart remarks in return , my o is that you were boored when you made this post , think about the q, before you ask next time, i myself start shooting in july and can bust knocks at 20 yards all day long i feel that 2 months practice is plenty
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Old 04-20-2004, 08:28 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

All year - yes and no. I shoot all the year available to me.

I rarely shoot from 1/1 to 4/15 or 4/20. I shot my bow one time during tax season this year. That was more to let off steam.

Do I need to? Most definetly. Archery is not natural to me. Having hunted with a gun all my life. I need to shoot all year so when the moment of time comes then it is natural to me. Still being what I deem a newbie, the mechanics of archery still leave me if I lay off a while.

Not to mention I enjoy it, it releave stress and drives the folks in the two offices beside mine CRAZY.
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Old 04-20-2004, 10:24 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

I live in NY where the winters keep me closer to the fire then my McKenzie targets. I don't shoot during the winter. I just grabbed my bow 2 days ago and sent a few arrows through it in the back yard............dead on. I shot 3-4 groups of 3 arrows that were all 3" or less at 20 yards. I did get fatigued a little and need some reps to get my draw smooth and easy but that's about it.

Archery season starts in October...........that is 6 months from now. I will shoot 1 or 2 days a week for the next couple months and then I will shoot as much as I can the last 2 months before the season. I will shoot some 3D but not a ton.......mostly in the yard.

To tell you the truth I get bored sometimes..........and I love shooting my bow. I like when I have other guys to shoot with but when it is just me sitting the yard and stacking arrows it gets stale some days. If I was shooting bad or having troubles I would be out there with a vengence trying to solve it but you can only shoot so many stacked groups before it is enough ya know??

I myself prefer QUALITY practice. Here are the 3 things that I do that I believe make not only for more variety but also much more improvement of skills vs drilling a target from 20 yards all day.

#1 Practice with a friend or two if possible. Nothing gets your mind more focused then someone else shooting better then you. The competetive juices start flowing and you want to be the best shot. My brothers and my friends play P-I-G in my backyard. One guy goes anywhere in the yard and shoots at the deer target.........everyone follows and the farthest from the X ring gets a letter....PIG and your out watching. Gets fun when you start launching from my deck 70 yards away or sitting down in my gazebo at a weird angle through my shrubs. Fun and creative shooting plus competition. We have a blast.

#2 Shoot broadheads for as long as you can. Fieldpoints are great and I use them all summer but really what the heck would you want to shoot all those arrows for and then screw on your BH's 3 days before the season?? I have replacement blades handy and just shoot my BH's for the last 2 months before the season. I don't want to know that I can drill a target with a field point. I want to know that my broadheads will fly pure and true and I will be used to shooting them in many conditions to know how they react. I know it's tough on targets but so what??.......you go through a target a year for BH's.......big deal. I know so many guys who shoot plenty enough to be accurate and then are running around like maniacs right before the season because they are having BH flight problems. I am willing to bet sales for mechanical heads is highest right before a season starts due to this situation.

#3 Get your butt up a tree and stay there if you are a stand hunter. Shooting from a tree stand is NOTHING like shooting from the ground in a T-Shirt in July. My brother missed a buck last year and then spined the one he did kill because he wasn't bending at the waist when he shot from his stand. If I had one choice I would sight my bow in from a tree and forget the ground all together.........it's not a big deal to get together with a friend and go climb some trees and shoot. You have to have a friend for this so he can pull your arrows and move the target around. Getting a good feel for treestand shooting will vastly improve your skills and help you develope a feel for yardages from above vs drilling a bag target while sipping Iced Tea in the local pro shop.

I know a lot of guys that hunt deer from treestands with BH's and spend there whole summer shooting from the ground with fieldpoints at known distances perfect broadside shots.............better then nothing I guess.

I think if you shoot all year round because you really enjoy shooting that is great..........but if you are doing it because of an obsession to try and get a robin hood on every shot I think you are going overboard. A lot of people make things way more complicated then they really are.

Just be sure you are happy with what you do and you enjoy yourself. You don't have to shoot 1000 arrows a day to be a good shot or kill a deer. You better be lethally accurate before you go afield and don't cry to me when you miss if you and I know you should have practiced more.
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Old 04-20-2004, 10:36 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

I shoot all year round. I usually go to the shop on weekends if I want to shoot DART. My family has a 25 yard indoor range and I get to shoot indoors whenever I want to. No rain, snow, wind nothing. You only get a few decent months to actually shoot outdoors here in western N.Y. so you better get used to either shooting indoors or out in the rain and snow.
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Old 04-20-2004, 11:29 AM
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Default RE: Who Practices Year-Round? Is it REALLY Necessary?

Bob, I don't totally disagree with you, but I don't totally agree with you. In my busy times, I don't practice near enough. I make it out maybe a maximum of 3 times a week, but the minimum is sometimes zero! Having a wife, 2 kids, 2 jobs and on many committees in my small town makes it very hard to do anything during the summer. I try to make it to atleast 2 or 3 3D shoots each summer.

But I will say this.....I am fairly confident in my shooting abilities, but I can tell a big difference in the last 2 seasons than the one 3 seasons ago. The summer I got my new bow, I shot almost everyday. My confidence couldn't be shattered, but with the addition of the kids and other things my confidence has slipped a little. What did that cost me......atleast 3 shots at animals last year. If I would have practiced like I should have, I wouldn't have thought twice about those shots.

I can track a deer with no blood - have done it plenty of times successfuly in 24 years of hunting.
I didn't like this quote all that much. If you are tracking wounded animals with no blood, that indicates a poorly placed shot in my book. 99% of the animals I have seen hit through the boiler room leave more than enough blood to track.
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